The Importance of External Basement Insulation for Your Home

A basement is regarded as a very important part of a house but people consider basement insulation an option rather than a necessity. However, the benefits that external basement insulation can provide are enough to make it a necessity for every home owner. Minimizing cost all the while maximizing comfort, less energy usage and other benefits include:

Decreases Energy Consumption

Since basement wall insulation helps significantly in regulating temperature throughout the year, the energy consumed with constant use of air conditioners or heaters decreases. In winters, your basement remains warm and in summer, your basement is cool. Any fluctuations in temperature are not experienced inside the basement as the insulation helps provide protection.

Reduced Costs

With basement external wall insulation, you are saving money in two ways: one by the reduced energy and electricity consumption and two by the minimization of needing extensive and expensive basement repairs like moisture seepage, mold growth, etc.

Protects from Moisture

Basement insulation is necessary to protect your basement from moisture. External insulation provides more protection as the outer section of your basement is also shielded from moisture. This protection helps reduce the need for expensive home maintenance services like removal of mold or fungi or condensation. Moreover, your health is also safer with adequate moisture prevention as problems like mold or mildew can cause health concerns.

Increased Level of Comfort

Of course, the comfort that external basement insulation provides is unmatched. A year-round regulated temperature makes your basement a great place to relax in, keeping heat inside during the winter and retaining cold air in summer.

Protection of Home Foundation and Water Pipes

External basement wall insulation is great for protecting two vital elements of your home that can otherwise be vulnerable to damage and cost high maintenance rates: your home’s foundation and water pipes. In cold temperatures, your home’s foundation can be damaged due to the freezing and melting cycles. However, external insulation can effectively protect the outer structure and soil from such damage. Moreover, water pipes which are present in every home can be protected from freezing, which is a problem in itself and can cause further damage as well. Insulated basement walls keep the water pipes safe.

Increases Home Value

Every homeowner is concerned with the value of their home and taking home improvement measures is known to increase the value of any home. External basement wall insulation is one such measure that increases the durability, livability, longevity, and comfort of a home which is bound to increase your home’s overall value. Furthermore, increasing your home’s attractiveness also helps in increasing its value and external wall insulation in your basement can help you easily modify and decorate its walls as it reduces the potential risk of walls damaged by moisture.


Foundation Repair Answers from an Expert

For those who have questions regarding the foundation repairs of your house or just want to obtain information regarding a specific repair, Aquatech Waterproofing is here to answer your questions.

Q1. How do foundation repair companies determine the cost of fixing?

Foundation repair costs generally vary depending on the kind of repair that is needed. However there are a few basic factors that are considered while making the estimate for your repair. They are as follows:

  • Type of foundation
  • Magnitude and area of damage
  • Repair equipment and crew accessibility

Q2. What are the various repair services that are available?

If there are minor foundation cracks, a remodeling contractor or even the home owner can repair it. However if 1/4 of the foundation is cracked and / or even shifted, then it is essential to hire an expert or professional for the job. If you have already repaired the crack, but it is still reappearing, then this is a clear indication that there are some issues with the structure and even for that you would need an expert to come and do the job.

Q3. What methods are used by a waterproofing to fix a foundation slab made from concrete?

For a slab that has either shifted down or up or in some cases even cracked, we can stabilize that slab either by mud jacking or using steel brackets and steel piers.  This sort of work can get done in a day or two.

Q4. If I need to repair a stone foundation, whom can I call?

If you have a stone foundation repair, you can give a call to an experienced contractor who has the knowledge of repairing such types of houses and repairs.

Q5.  How does a waterproofing company repair a retaining wall that is shifting?

In order to align the retaining wall, there may be a chance that a small portion of the Earth may be removed. At times, this problem can also be solved by installing drain lines to help in the prevention of water being built up behind the wall. We may also use the help of Anchors and helical plates to pull in deep and then weld it to the pier shafts. Once we know that the soil is stable, we use a bracket to fix the fall back into alignment.

Q6. How are cracked brick walls and concrete block walls repaired?

The repair for such walls purely depends on the extent of the damage. It is not enough to just go ahead and fill in the cracks; however a proper assessment of the damage will give us all the necessary information about how and why this problem has occurred.

Q7. If i need to get my cellar foundation repaired, who should i contact

Generally the cellar is the early or crude form of the foundation of the basement and is generally made from bricks and stones, some of the basements also have a floor of dirt. These sorts of repair work can be a little tricky or challenging due to the lack of space, dampness and darkness. This is where you would need to use the help of Toronto’s Aquatech Waterproofing Company with experience of historic houses.


Common Myths about Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is very important. You need to monitor it closely, and if you see cracks and damage, you must take these seriously. A small crack can lead to a bigger one in no time, and if you put off having this repaired until tomorrow, you are basically risking your family’s safety and you might just need to spend more money in repairs. Because there are so many articles you can find online about foundation repair and maintenance, there are a lot of individuals who think they can manage repairs on their own.

DIY instructions may sometimes be reliable, however, without professional knowledge and the right tools; you might end up with further damage on your home’s foundation. It is still best to consult with a professional rather than placing things on your own hands.

If you look around websites with information on foundation repairs, especially those with forums or comment sections, you might have probably seen thoughts and “experiences” of other homeowners. You might even come across situations that are similar to yours, and you are led to believe that their solution could also be applicable to your home’s foundation.

It is highly important for you not to take a foundation for granted. However, if you want to know more about the realities in foundation repair, we will be debunking some myths you may have already heard of.

1. You can repair cracks on your foundation permanently with polyurethane sealants and high-tech epoxies.
While these products are strong enough to provide temporary repairs, don’t trust that sealants and epoxies can permanently repair a foundation. These are basically Band-Aid solutions to address a problem that could be more damaging to your entire home in the future. It is best to have an expert take a look at your foundation and determine whether there’s a bigger problem that needs to be fixed right away.

2. Replace your damaged foundation with a new one to make sure it won’t give you any more problems.
There are some damages in a foundation that can be fixed with simple repairs, however, there might be some companies wanting to make more profit out of you by suggesting to replace your foundation with a new one. Find a reliable company though that will be able to give you honest recommendations that will repair your foundation effectively but in a more cost-effective process.

3. Poured concrete foundation is stronger than concrete block foundation.
It always depends on the quality of materials and workmanship in order for you to say that a foundation is too weak or strong enough. Depending on the soil condition, wall support, drainage systems and so on, a concrete block could be strong enough as a foundation of your home. Always ask an expert for advice to make sure.

If you need honest, reliable and cost-effective assistance for your foundation repair and maintenance needs, contact the experts from Aquatech Waterproofing.


6 Benefits of Exterior Waterproofing Your Home’s Foundation

Moisture can be a very devastating and disturbing problem for any home owner with a wet basement. It is important that you keep your home’s basement waterproofed to protect yourself and your loved ones against medical conditions, to keep your property’s value up at all times and to save huge costs for foundation repairs that become damaged due to leakage and dampness in the basement.

Exterior waterproofing is one of the many systems that you can opt for to protect your basement against all types of structural damage, property value loss and also to keep your loved ones safe and healthy at home.

Here are some benefits of exterior waterproofing your home:

  1. It Covers A Huge Area

This means that you won’t have to worry about anything at all. Not only does exterior waterproofing keep water out of your basement, it also gets you a proper drainage system that drains away all water from the area’s surrounding with sump pumps. This means you are completely protected against internal and external leakage. Also you don’t have to worry about hydrostatic pressure pressing against the walls and causing cracks in your basement. Exterior waterproofing doesn’t only protect your basement but also keeps your paint, wood works, insulation, wires and pipes safe as well.

  1. Protects Against Mold And Mildew Growth

Exterior waterproofing will reduce the area that is available for the growth of mold, mildew or other bacteria. This will keep your basement dry and your loved ones safe against all respiratory issues that can occur as a result of bacterial growth in the home. Exterior waterproofing will seal off your basement for good not allowing any dampness to enter and therefore keeping the house healthy.

  1. Keep Your Possessions Safe Against Damage

Moisture can significantly damage furniture or any other item that you store in the basement. You won’t be able to use your basement for any significant purpose if its damp and smells bad. Exterior waterproofing is a very intelligent strategy that will keep your basement protected and allow you to keep your possessions safe.

  1. Increases Space

Of course when you have a dry basement that isn’t prone to mold or fungal growth you can use it as any other part of your house. If you like having extra space around the house, having exterior waterproofing done to protect it against dampness and water damage is a great option.

  1. Prevents Structural Damage

A wet basement will let water seep into the foundation of your home. Which will automatically mean structural damage to your property. Also if you have wooden floors or any other wood work done in your house, a wet basement will simply destroy it. Therefore it is essential to keep the basement dry with exterior waterproofing.

  1. Your Peace Of Mind

At least you will be able to rest assured as there will be nothing to worry about if it rains or snows heavily. You will just sit around, sip your coffee and enjoy the weather knowing that your foundation and basement are properly protected.