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Benefits of Professional Basement Waterproofing Services

A big number of homeowners struggle with water related issues that destroy houses and even bring about dampness and moldy basements and crawlspaces. However much waterproofing might not be the first thing on your mind, it is very important as it saves you a lot of financial stress that might occur due to damages done to the house by water.

No matter what type of basement waterproofing services are needed or how your house is set up, there is always a solution.

When homeowners think of home improvement, here are some of the benefits of having your basement waterproofed.

Investment Protection

Proud homeowners take their investment very seriously thus should be in a position to protect it by all means. Proper maintenance and care of your house especially in terms of waterproofing is very essential in ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Cost Reduction

Through waterproofing your basement, you can save up on expenses by sealing up old cracks and gaps that let in water. A waterproofing membrane may also be fitted. Drain system can be corrected. When you leave the problem of wet basement unresolved, you will incur hefty cost in the end. You would better deal with the situation when it is small than wait to handle a bigger problem. Water entering the basement can cause the structural integrity of the building to deteriorate. You may not need to buy a dehumidifier to extra moisture from your home.

Prevents Long term Health Risks

Water together with humidity can cause toxic mold to grow very quickly and easily for that matter. Under the proper conditions, toxic mold grows between 24 to 48 hours. Continuous exposure to such mold can lead to serious health issues.

Increased Space and Home Value

Most homeowners  view the basement as just some old storage space for things they do not use anymore when in real sense it is a space that can be utilized optimally. The basement is basically an entire floor and accounts for a huge space that mostly goes to waste. Basement waterproofing services ensure that this huge amount of space does not fall victim of bacteria and mold.  This also ensures that your home’s value is boosted through having a healthy space that can be utilized.

Stress free

Basement waterproofing ensures that you can sleep safe and sound having peace of mind knowing that your home is in good condition. During heavy downpour, you do not have to worry about seepage or waking up to a flooded basement. You also don’t have to think about last minute repairs or the growth of mold.

Taking precautionary measures to ensure the integrity and value of your property is always advisable considering the fact that the house is where you spend most of your time. Water is one of the worst enemies for your house because with time and without proper care, your home will become more susceptible to water and finally cause very expensive damages. This is why there is emphasis on proper maintenance for your home.

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Taking Preventive Measure With Basement Solutions

Wet basement problems may become an antagonizing challenge if they are not solved amicably to prevent damage. For this reason, there is need to apply preventive measures with wet basement solutions in an attempt to prevent a nasty experience emanating from a damp or moisture. Practising preventive waterproofing measures will save several problems that can arise when wet basement problems remain unchecked. When you don’t deal with water damage issues before they get worse, you will incur huge costs in the long run.

Here are preventive measures to take to protect your basement from damp.


Ensure that your basement is properly sealed

When completing your basement walls, it is important to ensure all cracks regardless of how small, they are properly sealed to prevent chances of water penetrating the foundation. When the cracks are sealed early enough, they are prevented from expanding further. Having them sealed when construction is still underway is better since repairing them when the house is already built is expensive and cumbersome.

When wall cracks or floor cracks appear when you have already settled in a house, it is vital to have them sealed as soon as possible to prevent the situation from aggravating. Remember to have them repaired by a professional in waterproofing to ensure that quality work has been done.

Install waterproof membranes

Waterproof membranes installed on the exterior form excellent wet basement solutions and can prevent water from getting in contact with foundation walls. When the membranes are coupled with weeping tiles or French drains, it can ensure that water does not get into the basement. It is better to bar water from reaching the basement than deal with it when it has penetrated the walls. Water follows paths of least resistance to enter the basement. It can pass through cracks on walls or the porous cement that joints the brickworks. The best thing is to ensure you stop the water from reaching the foundation walls.

Shape the landscape and grading

If your landscape is in such a design that when it floods, the water drains into your basement, it is important to reshape in an attempt to direct the water away. The ground that is next to the foundation should be raised so that it slopes outward. When water collects on that ground, it will flow away from the foundation. This will protect the walls of the foundation and reduce the amount of water likely to reach the basement.

Install or repair gutters

The roof of your home collect substantial amount of water. If that water is not directed to flow away, it may end up seeping down to the basement. Having gutters and properly working downspouts ensures the water drains away from the home.

There is adage that says prevention is better than cure. Applying the best wet basement solutions will help you evade serious and complicated water damage problems that would arise when the issue bites in full force. Using preventive measures will also help you avoid expensive costs that you could incurred when you have to deal with major repairs or replacement of property destroyed by moisture.

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Why Waterproofing Will Help Keep A Home Healthy

The drainage of water in your home can cause you headaches especially at times when it has run out of your control. Drainage issues can be hectic when water or moisture starts penetrating or finding its way into your house. Waterproofing your basement comes with a lot of advantages. It protects the home and keeps the house in good shape. If you have problems with a wet basement in Toronto, you want to ensure that you consult experts in waterproofing. Waterproofing your basement curbs moisture from accessing into the house. Moisture can be a problem when it is allowed to get access into the house.

Here are ways waterproofing will keep you home a healthy environment.

Prevents Development of Molds

When water gets access into your basement space you are faced with a threat of mold growth. Molds thrive in dark, moist areas and basement are ideal breeding grounds for these microbes. Moisture forms a haven for development and growth of molds. Mold growth poses several health problems to yourself and your family at large. One of the disgusting things is that mold can grow within short periods of time.

In a short period of less than 48 hours, you can have molds growing when the conditions are set right for them to develop. If you are sensitive to mold growth, you will have it rough. Exposure to mold can cause several health problems including nasal cavity stuffiness, skin itching and scratching, sneezing, coughing, eye irritation, and wheezing. With basement waterproofing against mold, you eliminate the chances of molds growing hence minimize the health hazards. Seeking waterproofing solutions for wet basement Toronto can do away with this problem.

You Breathe Quality Air

When damp invades the basement, molds may grow and the home begins to smell bad. The decomposing organic matter due to molds will result in pungent smell. Molds feed on organic substances such as wood. That’s why you find that dampness takes its toll on your wood surfaces and structures pretty fast. Spores of molds can also be suspended in the air you breathe. This may make you become sick or develop allergy reactions.

Prevents Food Poisoning

Molds growing in your basement can cause food poisoning the moment you leave your food uncovered. The effects can be both on cooked and uncooked food. Consumption of food with mold spores can cause serious stomach problems hence affecting your health. However, not all molds are poisonous.

Toxic molds can cause stomach ache and diarrhea when you eat food contaminated by the microbes. If moisture is allowed enter your house you are at the risk of experiencing this problem frequently hence the higher the chances of harming your intestinal health.

Mold can even be worse if you’re allergic to it. Your reaction might be hypersensitive the moment you are exposed to it. Your health status might be greatly affected the moment you get into contact with it. To avoid such an incident, it is important to seal all the areas that are seeping water into your indoor space. Waterproofing your home is a reliable solution for wet basement.

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Types of Systems For Exterior Waterproofing in Toronto

Basement waterproofing helps prevent your house foundation and basement from being destroyed by water. There are a number of systems to help protect your home. Exterior waterproofing Toronto is one of the ways to help residents mitigate the risks of their houses being destroyed by water. Underground water may affect the stability of your house. It is important to implement measures that will reduce the risk of water destroying the foundation of your house and entering the basement. Having a reliable waterproofing system will help you evade several risks that are associated with a poor drainage system. Poor drainage can affect the stability of the walls, the floor of your house, or even cause growth of molds within your house because moisture finds its way into the basement.

Here are the common exterior waterproofing systems you can apply to protect your house.


French Drains

French drains form a good means of getting rid of excess water even within your compound and around your foundation by carrying the water away from the foundation of the house. The French drains help reduce waterlogged spots within the foundation of the house hence reducing the chances of causing water damage. Moreover, draining away water helps to reduce the hydrostatic pressure posed on the walls, and this helps to rid the foundation of the house chances of being destroyed. French drains have been used for many years and have been having a significant impact in basement waterproofing. These drains are very reliable in removing water away from the basement hence keeping it dry and safe from the pressure posed by water.

Membrane Barriers

With this type of waterproofing, a membrane is installed at the base of foundation walls to form a physical barrier that prevents water from destroying it. Membranes are very effective since they prevent even water pressure from destroying the walls and the foundation of the house. Through exterior waterproofing Toronto, homeowners can keep their properties protected. The membranes create a barrier that prevent water from getting in contact with the walls and foundation. Membrane barriers are made of durable materials and are long lasting thereby giving your home quality protection against water destruction.

Exterior Wall

Coating Several wall coating products can be used to protect your house foundation against destruction by underground water. Asphalt base or polymer products can be used to form a coating at the basement of your house and walls to protect them against them water thereby minimizing or stopping the issue of water damage.

Sealing cracks Open cracks can widen over time and cause serious damage to your home foundation by allowing water to seep into the house. Sealing the cracks which are visible will prevent them from expanding to levels that are unmanageable. It is important to take action when the cracks are small to prevent a situation whereby the whole house will have to be demolished because of a weakened foundation.

A sump pump system may be used where a large amount of water is getting into the house and posing a serious threat to your house and family. The sump pumps system helps keep your basement dry at all times by pumping out any water that collects in the sump basin.

You can choose the best method that suits your waterproofing needs and preferences from the different solutions of exterior waterproofing in Toronto. You should access your services from professionals who understand your needs clearly to get the best solutions.