The problem usually starts with one minor leak. And if you don’t pay attention, it grows and grows until there is a major mess and then you find yourself surrounded by a lot of expenses that you will have to pay upfront to get the problem of a wet basement Hamilton fixed. It is absolutely necessary that you pay attention to the minor leak only and save yourself the huge repairing and maintenance costs in the future that your negligence might cost you.

Here are top ten tips from waterproofing contractors Hamilton to help you tackle the issues from a minor leak to major excavations for exterior waterproofing systems:

  1. First of all do not dry clothes in the basement or keep stocks of wet firewood there.
  2. If it’s a minor condensation issue then ensure good drying systems. Open windows to keep the basement dry. In colder months keep the heat up in the basement.
  3. If there are cold water pipes in your basement then get proper foam insulation on them to keep moisture away from collection on them.
  4. Get Good Gutters- roof drainages are the major cause of a leaky basement. If you live in an area with heavy rains or snows, it is important that you pay attention to gutters. Your gutters should be clean and not filled with debris and they should lie at least 5 feet away from your home to prevent them from leaking inside.
  5. Sloping Soil- it is important that the sloping soil lies at least 6 inches away from your home and it should always lie away from the home.
  6. Plant Deep Rooted Grass- deep rooted grass absorbs the water from the soil around the house and it also prevents soil erosion which might contribute to water leaking in your basement.
  7. If there are only cracks or gaps contributing to the wetness in your basement then plug these gaps with interior sealants or waterproofing paints instantly.
  8. If a lot of water collects in the soil around your house then it will definitely contribute to a wet basement. Make sure you improve your drainage systems so that no water collects and seeps through the soil to your basement.
  9. Get downspouts installed that lead to PVC plumbing lines that run underground around your house and discharge water to other areas.
  10. Last but not the least get professional help to check for any kinds of major leaks or issues if your basement doesn’t dry off even after you have tried a number of DIY methods.
Basement Walls Leak When It Rains Toronto

Basement Walls Leak When It Rains Hamilton

Never ignore the problem of a wet basement Hamilton even if its just a minor issue. Remember the problem will eventually grow and then you’ll find yourself in a mess. Get professional consultations from contractors. There are waterproofing contractors who offer free consultations and quotes on inspection of the property.

Get two three opinions before settling on any one and then get the problem of your wet basement resolved once and for all.

The worst thing a leaky basement Hamilton can do to your home is to lower the value of the property. When you put up your home for sale, home inspectors will definitely cut down the value based on the issues with it. In fact home inspectors today use moisture meters to measure the level of humidity in your basement and in case of abnormal levels, the value of the property deteriorates. And you know what, potential purchases actually put a lot of faith in the opinions of the home inspectors they hire to evaluate the property they are about to buy.

So when you are selling your home, be sure that you get proper repairs done in the basement so that there is no issue of flooding and your home doesn’t loses its property value.

Now coming to the point whether or not your new home needs a leaky basement repair Hamilton?
Well, if you have acquired the house at a cheaper cost and inherited the leaky basement along with it, you must do something immediately to get rid of the problem or else your home and family will be at a risk.

A leaky basement actually contributes to weakening the structures and foundations of your house. Also a wet basement will lead to the growth of mold and mildew in your home and can cause serious health issues and breathing problems for your family. A wet basement will cause damage to the floors, roof, ceiling and other structures eventually. You will already have your hands full dealing with other moving in issues and you definitely do not need another major cost on your hands.

Check for issues with a wet basement as soon as you acquire your new home. If it’s a minor issue and can be handled with sealants or waterproofing paints, go ahead and get it done. Better yet, get the house inspected before you make the final payments and if there is a major issue of basement leak, get it fixed and put up the cost in the contract so that the seller deducts it from the final price of the house. You don’t have to pay it or buy the house with the leaky basement.

Major leak issues will require a lot of work to be done to get rid of the problem once and for all. It can include interior drainage or exterior drainage systems to be set up around your house. This will require major excavations and if you don’t get it checked beforehand you might end up paying for it yourself.

It is important that your new home gets leaky basement repairs Hamilton if there are any before you move in. You shouldn’t have to put your family and your hard earned money at a risk by moving in to a home where there is a leaky basement already.

Get professional consultations and home inspectors to do the job for you. Be alert and don’t be tricked. Its your family you’ll be exposing to a risk, be careful!

Keeping buildings strong by carrying out maintenance from time to time ensures that the strength and integrity is maintained at all times. This ensures that occupants can live in safety without worrying about structural weaknesses and the associated risks. The foundation is the main structural part of any building. When it begins to break down and show any signs of weakness, the entire structure’s integrity and strength are affected necessitating immediate attention. Failing to remedy foundation repair Hamilton issues can be a costly affair making it necessary for home owners to identify and respond to these issues as soon as possible.

Below we will look at some of the main signs to look out for when looking to spot foundation issues at the earliest showing:

  • Detecting foundation issues can be quite difficult especially due to the fact that the signs usually manifest in areas of the house that are levels above. This is especially for houses that have a basement that has been finished. However if you have an idea of some of the telltale signs to look out for you can easily identify foundation issues and make the necessary repairs sooner and avoid expansive damage that tends to be much more costly.

When looking for the signs of foundation repair issues it is recommended that you look for structural damage in higher levels of the house as listed below:

  1. Structural gaps in ceiling and floors: Foundation issues usually manifest in higher parts of the house including the floor and ceiling. If you notice a sagging ceiling or dipped parts in the floor, which can also be investigated using a water level this indicates problems in the foundation. The walls may also be separated from the ceiling or floors leaving visible gaps.
  2. Cracked dry walls: Dry walls are laid on top of the building’s foundation and will be among the first parts of the structure to show cracks and hairline fractures if there are problems in the foundation.
  3. Gaps between wall and window frames and bricks: Shifts in the foundation also result into gaps in between the walls and window and door frames. These indicate that the walls are also shifting.
  4. Stuck doors and windows: Tilting of the window frames and door frames due to pressure from the walls leads to windows and doors that get stuck from time to time.

When you discover any of these telltale signs of foundation problems, it is recommended that you consult a qualified foundation contractor to inspect the buildings foundation and offer professional opinion of whether repairs are needed. A qualified contractor will be able to inspect the foundation using the necessary tools and provide a way forward as to the necessary repairs to fix the problems as early as possible.

Mold can be a serious problem if allowed to develop inside of a home. This is because it gradually destroys the areas where it colonizes, potentially creating health problems for the people living in your home. Molds create allergens, which are normally substances that cause allergic reactions, as well as toxic substances that can harm your entire body. If you touch or inhale the mold, you can easily develop some allergic reactions.

How Mold Can Affect You

Continuous exposure to mold spores can irritate your eyes, nose, skin, throat, and lungs, as well as triggering asthma attacks on asthmatic individuals. People who have allergies, immune system deficiencies, as well as respiratory problems, can be highly susceptible to the dangers of molds.

They normally grow from tiny spores which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but still exist in both indoor and outdoor air. Outdoor molds begin to grow once they land on a wet surface, but indoor molds grow once they land on a liquefied surface, since molds require water to grow.

Another issue that mold creates is diminishing the value of the property. Mold is commonly known to thrive in humid, wet, and dank environments. The basement is the perfect candidate to perpetuate growth, hence the most important thing needed when organizing a new or existing home is to have a waterproofing system installed in the basement. And even if there is one, you need to check that it is not in the dire need of repair.

Stopping the Spread of Mold Is Key

Basement waterproofing is one of the most important things you need to do. There are various systems out there, but one of the most common is the French drain system. When you have this system installed, as soon as water starts seeping into the basement, it will go into the tube, then be directed towards the sump pump where is automatically pushed away from your home.

There is also several foundation repairs that you need to do, such as fixing cracks or dealing with a shifting foundation, or even bowing walls. You will not be able to fix this things on your own so you need to call in professionals to do the job in a fast and efficient manner. However the foundation needs to be repaired right away to prevent the building instability.

This needs to be done as soon as you notice any cracks, popped nails, or other various unexplained changes in the foundation of your building. While these are some of the things you need to initially do when you move into a new place, you also need to be constantly aware that things can happen.

Watch Video: Health Effects of Mold Exposure

Just don’t ignore any problems that you notice, and make sure the issues are fixed as soon as possible.

Despite homeowners knowing the information regarding molds, they often make the mistake of leaving water and dumpiness in their basement until the situation deteriorates. Water damage tends to get even worse with time, so you need to make sure you do not give mold a chance to survive.

fix basement leaksFoundation repair contractors want you to know that every house is subject to basement leaks. No matter how skilled your home builder was, there is bound to be a few cracks in the foundation of your home eventually, which may lead to basement leaks.

Causes for basement leaks:

  1. Claw Bowl Effect – This occurs when the more porous water around the house collects rainwater and ends up settling, which causes the water to settle with it causing a depression. The water then travels down this depression and pools in areas around your foundation.
  2. Clogged Drain – A footing drain is what you see outside of the house’s foundation and funnels water away from the house. The drain is porous and collects excess water, but if this is clogged, the waters ends up pooling either in the drain or at the entrance to the drain.
  3. Drainage Breakdown – This occurs when the footing drain is still clogged and the water doesn’t drain anymore, so it builds up in the backfill. If the backfill is saturated with water, this can cause hydrostatic pressure that ends up pushing the water into your basement.

Troubles of leaky basements

If a basement leaks, it can damage or ruin your carpet, building structure, and any electronic equipment you have in the room. You should keep expensive electronics off the floor to prevent any further damage. A leaky basement can also create mold problems and the costs for repairing a foundation are expensive.

How to fix basement leaks

If you find yourself in a leaky basement situation, there are a few ways to fix basement leaks. First, you should always call a professional, they will have better wet basement solutions for you and your home.

If you want to fix basement leaks yourself, the first thing to do would be to dig a six foot deep trench around the outside of your house in order to expose the foundation bricks and any pipes.

After pressure washing the bricks and letting them dry, you can then patch the cracks and install or update any necessary drainage to stop basement leaks in the future. For example, installing a french drain can be a great solution because it offers a better way to collect water.

Preventing basement leaks

If you don’t want to fix basement leaks, you should probably consider a few important preventative methods.

Be sure to clear out your gutters regularly — especially after the fall — this will make sure rainwater drains adequately from the roof of your home. Many basements leak due to sump pump issues. Prevent your sump pump from backing up by testing and inspecting it on a routine basis. Other home owners have sewer issues that lead to leaks. A blackwater valve can prevent water damage by automatically closing if the sewer backs up.

Along with cleaning out the gutters of your home, be sure to clear away any pooling water from your home after any snow or ice melts. Do this as winter comes to an end and you will have a much more enjoyable spring.

For any other preventative methods or if you have a leak, make sure you call a professional to get your basement waterproofed.