Tips To Help Prevent Basement Flooding in Toronto

If you have basement flooding in Toronto, or experienced any type of water damage, it can be stressful.

basement flooding in torontoWe have seen many different situations that have led to a wet and/or flooded basement. Most of the time you think of water damage to a home or basement coming from the outside. Things such as a leak in the foundation, water seeping in through a door or window frame, or rain water finding a way in. Appliances can cause water damage as well, such as water lines going into washing machines, dishwashers, furnaces and more. All of these machines, if not maintained, can cause catastrophe. These simple steps can help save your basement from water damage: 

#1: Clean & Maintain Gutters & Downspouts To Prevent Basement Flooding Toronto

Making sure your gutters and downspouts and clean and working correctly will keep water away from your home and foundation. All downspouts should be directed away from the foundation, allowing water to flow away from you home rather than pooling up against your foundation. Try to have downspouts direct water at least 3 feet away from your home to prevent basement flooding in Toronto

#2: Properly Landscape Your Yard

Landscaping can be beautiful as well as beneficial to your homes water control. If you’re landscaping dips or sloped down to your house, water could pool at the house. That water could find ways to creep in. Always make sure that your landscaping slopes away from your home so any extra water will run away from the house rather than towards.

#3: Inspect & Repair Foundation Cracks

Cracks in your home’s foundation are a very clear and easy indication that water may be getting in. Regularly inspect the foundation and fill any cracks. If you find leaking continues after you sealed a crack or if you find a very large crack, you will want to bring in a professional.

#4: Practice Proper Sump Pump Maintenance

If you know a huge storm is headed your way, check to make sure your sump pump is working properly and plugged in. Keep in mind, if your basement floods as a result of a broken sump pump, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damage.

#5: Inspect Sewers & Clean Septic Systems

Sewer lines are one of those items we fail to think about until something really bad happens. Add a sewer inspection or septic tank cleaning to your calendar to have it checked. Get proper maintenance or you are bound to end up with clogs, backups and overflows at some point. Not only will this create a mess, but you will have to perform much repairing. 

#6: Install Window Well Covers

Homes with below-grade basement windows should always be protected with window well covers. Window well covers work fantastically by keeping water away from the window and when installed properly, they can help with waterproofing and keeping critters out of the house also. 

#7: Get Familiar with Your Insurance

Do you have flood insurance? Additional coverage for sewer backups? We highly suggest taking a few moments to review the details of your home’s insurance policy. Then you can reach out to your agent with any questions. Remember: Flood insurance is very different from water damage insurance and familiarizing yourself with the differences is critical to ensure all preventative measures are taken. 



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6 Steps To Take Immediately After Basement Flooding Toronto

basement flooding toronto

Basement flooding Toronto can give even the most stoic homeowner a sense of helplessness and panic. Use these tips and take action when your basement floods.

  1. When Basement Flooding Toronto Occurs Never Enter

A flooded basement do more than causing property damage: they can also pose a threat to you and your family members. 

If your circuit breaker is not located in the basement, make sure to shut off any power in your house. Otherwise, any electrical appliances or devices could become dangerous if they come into contact with the water. 

  1. Remove the Water From Basement Flooding Toronto

After removing electronic devices and other items that were in harm’s way, it’s time to remove the water so you can assess the damage. If your basement is flooded, your sump pump has obviously failed, so you might need to purchase a new one and then use it to drain the water. A pump won’t remove all the water from your basement, so use a mop and towels to clean up the rest.

It’s very important to remove the water as soon as possible. The damp environment gives mold a chance to grow, and mold will only compound your property damage costs. Check out the dangers of a wet basement.

  1. Deal With Your Damp Objects

If you want to effectively dry your basement, you can’t leave any wet items behind. Get rid of everything that got wet, from couches to bookshelves, and place them in an area where they can dry out, like the garage. Hopefully, your insurance company can compensate you for the damaged items and the cost of repairing the basement and removing mold. File an insurance claim as quickly as possible after the flood.

In addition to with removing wet objects, you must rip up the wet carpet. Sometimes the carpet is salvageable, but usually the carpet and the padding beneath it both need total replacement.

  1. Dry the Area

Your basement won’t dry out by itself. You’ll probably need to buy or rent fans or even industrial blowers. You can use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture, help your basement dry faster, and minimize mold’s chances of growing. 

  1. Take Steps to Prevent Mold Before It Grows

Damp, dark conditions allow mold to flourish. Mold can pose a health threat, and if you discover mold in the weeks after the flood, you might have to remove entire chunks of drywall. 

Use soap and warm water to thoroughly clean your walls. Check the basement every day after the flood, and keep an eye out for mold. If you see a suspicious-looking spot, clean the area with bleach and warm water.

  1. Prevent Future Floods

After the flooding occurs, try to find out what caused it in the first place. Did a heavy storm flood your lawn and drain into the basement? Do you have cracks in your foundation? Do you need to replace your sump pump or upgrade it to a newer model? Talk to a professional basement waterproofing contractors in Toronto to learn how to update your basement, fix your foundation, or change your landscaping and gutters to prevent another flood.

Basement floods are nothing if not annoying, but once they happen, you can take steps to save your home and prevent future flooding. Once you’ve taken the above steps, contact Aquatech Waterproofing to waterproof your basement. We’ll do our best to keep you from experiencing a devastating basement flood ever again.



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A Guide to Sump Pump Repair and Maintenance

When you need sump pump repair, you really need it now, and that’s why sump pump repair and maintenance are so important. Though a basement sump pump may sit quietly for most of the year, once the snow melts or the rains start falling, you expect that sump pump to jump into action and keep your basement from flooding.

sump pump repairFortunately, you don’t need to spend much time or money on sump pump repair and maintenance. Below are some of the most common things to check and fix.

  • Check the Float For Sump Pump Repair

The float is a crucial part of sump pump maintenance, and it is also one of the most vulnerable. The float rises with water in the sump pit, which in turn triggers the pump to start pulling water out of the pit. To check the float, slowly pour some water into the pit. If the float rises with the water and the pump activates and then shuts down when the water has been removed, you’re in luck. Repeat this test every month.


  • Clean the Sump Pit

Mud or other debris in the sump pit is a main cause of float problems. Even though your pump is working as it should, cleaning out the pit must be a regular part of sump pump repair and maintenance. Eliminate any loose items in the pit.

  • Test the Check Valve

If you pour water into the sump pit and, instead of triggering the pump and removing the water, water just returns to the pit, you probably need to replace the check valve.

  • Clean the Impeller

Keeping debris out of the sump pit is an important part of sump pump repair and maintenance. Sometimes, however, debris can work itself past the screen in a sump pump and jam the impeller. To see if this is your problems first unplug the pump, then disconnect it from the piping and remove the pump from the pit. Disassemble the pump to access the screen and impeller. Remove any debris, reassemble and replace the pump.

  • Check the Electricity

If the sump pump does not seem to be working at all, check the electrical connections. Make sure the pump is plugged in properly, and check the circuit breaker. Pay special attention to the ground fault circuit interrupter if your pump is connected to one, as these have a tendency to trip. Press the reset button on the GFCI. If the electrical supply seems fine, chances are good that your pump needs replacement.

Sump pumps are an ideal way to keep your basement dry. Contact Aquatech Waterproofing today to find out how a sump pump can help with your water problems.


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Basement Waterproofing Toronto Do’s And Don’ts

Basement waterproofing Toronto is important because a wet, leaky and musty or even a flooded basement is basically one of the worst nightmares to deal with for a homeowner. Not only is it annoying to step into a leaky basement, but it can be hazardous to your health.

The good news is that a smart homeowner who knows the risks associated with a flooded or wet basement in Toronto will take the proper steps to ensure the basement stays dry and warm year round.

All houses are not created equal; hence homeowners are responsible for assessing your home and the surrounding area so you can figure out whether your basement is in danger of flooding.

All basements are susceptible to flood but that isn’t because a basement was poorly built. Simply put, when water accumulates outside of the home’s foundation it keeps putting pressure on the concrete – this is called hydrostatic pressure. One day, after all the pushing, the concrete will give up and crack, which is when water happily rushes in to flood your basement and ruin your furniture.

basement waterproofing torontoThe key to keeping your basement dry is good waterproofing and proper drainage. The whole system consists of many parts that work together including gutters, downspouts, and the slope of the ground around the foundation, sump pumps and more. It’s important to do your homework when investing in basement waterproofing so you can make sure that you are investing in the right solution for your home.

Let’s review some simple basement waterproofing Toronto do’s and don’ts

 Do Research Different Methods Of Basement Waterproofing Toronto

There are three main methods of basement waterproofing and these are interior sealants, exterior waterproofing and drainage. Since each situation, home and basement are different there are different solutions for different issues. A coat or two of a waterproof sealant may be enough for some homes, while others may need to install a French drain, a sump pump and waterproof sealing.

Don’t Ignore A Leaky Basement

The worst thing you can do for your home, your basement and the overall foundation and structure of your home is ignoring a leak. It may seem small and insignificant, but that small crack or leak will get bigger and then you will have even bigger problems to deal with. Being cheap won’t get you far, it’s better to invest a little bit of money and take care of a problem before it gets worse and you end up having to pay a lot more for damage control. Do you know that basement waterproofing can save you money in the long run? It can reduce energy costs, save you money on your homeowner’s insurance as well as increase the overall value of your home.

Do Find The Source Of The Leaky Basement

The best way to fix a leaky basement is to find the source of the water and cut it off. Is the water seeping in through the ground? It is coming in through a window? Is it the foundation of the home? This is the most important step of waterproofing because unless you cut off the source of the leak and fix it, it will keep coming back.

Don’t Use DIY Sealants

The easiest fixes are always temporary. If you visit a home improvement store you will find many options for waterproof methods and sealants boasting to be the best on the market. You will be bombarded with advertising trying to convince you that so and so product is the best and will fix every leaky basement. This is simply not true. We really can’t stress enough that not every wet basement is the same. If you find a small leak and you want to cover it up with a temporary sealant while you concoct a serious plan of action, that’s fine as long as you understand that this is only temporary and the leak will come back.

Don’t Allow Your Downspouts To Direct Water Around The Foundation Of Your Home

Speaking of downspouts, the whole point of having them is to make sure they keep water away from your home. If your downspout is just shooting water against the foundation of your home it’s more likely to cause a problem than fix it.

Do Keep Your Gutters Clean

Do you know that clogged gutters could ultimately lead to a flooded basement? Imagine a backed up rain gutter suddenly letting loose and dumping all that water against the foundation of your home. Keep your gutters clean and free from debris and leaves so that the collected water can easily make its way to the downspouts and away from your home.



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Top 5 Benefits of Basement Waterproofing in Toronto

Homes can flood for a number of different reasons, broken pipes, inadequate draining, and clogged gutters all may require basement waterproofing. No homeowner wants to see that their basement has been flooded. Not only can a wet basement in Toronto be harmful to your family, but your possessions can be ruined and the structure of your home compromised as well. 

There are a wide variety of benefits of having your basement waterproofed, and we have outlined 5 of them here.

Waterproofing Increases Space & Value of Your Home

basement waterproofing in torontoOne of the major benefits of waterproofing your basement is because it gives you access to more living space. Whether you need extra room for a bedroom, fitness area, or office, waterproofing can help get you started. Keeping the basement free of water can prevent mold growth and become a perfect area for relaxation.

If you have plans to sell your home in near future then basement waterproofing can add more value to it.

Basement Waterproofing Protects Your Investment 

Your house is your investment. It’s something to be proud of. However, this is the type of investment that needs your constant love and care. Like you feed and support your family unconditionally, your basement also needs regular inspections, maintenance and repair. 

Prevent Health Problems With Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your home helps to keep diseases at bay. We all know that water and humidity can cause toxic mold to grow, but you will be shocked to know just how quickly and easily that can happen! Under the right conditions, toxic black mold and grow in a little as 24 to 48 hours! That’s scary to know, especially if minor basement seepage is something that you’ve been letting go for years. There are serious health risks posed by continued exposure to mold growth.

Waterproofing Can Reduce Energy Costs 

waterproofing torontoWaterproofing your home helps to reduce the amount you pay for electricity. By sealing up old cracks you can increase your energy efficiency by preventing cold air from coming in during the fall and winter seasons. Alternatively, in the warmer and wetter months, when seepage and cracks in your foundation cause excess moisture to enter the home, your air conditioner has to work harder to get rid of the warm moist air. Humidity certainly plays a role in air conditioning efficiency!

Get Peace of Mind With Waterproofing

Increase your well being and decrease your stress. When you waterproof your home, you can rest assured that your property, your belonging and your family will be safe without the negatives effects that water damage and leaks can bring.

The basement is one of the most common places in a home that floods. What can you do to prevent water damage? Get your basement waterproofed.



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Many homeowners struggle with water-related issues that destroy houses and even bring about dampness and mouldy basements and crawlspaces. However, much waterproofing might not be the first thing on your mind. It is crucial as it saves you a lot of financial stress due to the water’s damages done to the house. No matter what type of basement waterproofing services are needed or what kind of house you have, there is always a waterproofing solution. To learn the benefits of hiring a professional basement waterproofing company, Aquatech Waterproofing has five top reasons below.

Benefits To Hiring A Professional Basement Waterproofing Company

Investment Protection

Proud homeowners take their investment very seriously and thus should be able to protect it by all means. Proper maintenance and care of your house, especially in waterproofing, is essential in ensuring your investment’s longevity.

Cost Reduction

Through waterproofing your basement, you can save up on expenses by sealing up old cracks and gaps that let in water. A waterproofing membrane installation may also be a good idea, as well as fixing the drain system. When you leave a wet basement problem unresolved, you will incur a hefty cost in the end. 

Hiring a Professional Basement Waterproofing Company

You would be better off by dealing with the situation when it is small than wait to handle a bigger problem. Water entering the basement can cause the structural integrity of the building to deteriorate. You may not need to buy a dehumidifier for extra moisture from your home.

Prevents Long term Health Risks

Water, together with humidity, can cause toxic mould to grow very quickly and easily for that matter. Under the proper conditions, a poisonous mould grows between 24 to 48 hours. Continuous exposure to such mould can lead to serious health issues.

Increased Space and Home Value

Most homeowners view the basement as just some old storage space for things they do not use anymore. It is a space that can be utilized optimally. The basement is an entire floor and accounts for a large area that mostly goes to waste. 

Basement waterproofing services ensure that your extra square footage does not fall victim to bacteria and mould. This also ensures that your home’s value is boosted by having a healthy space that can be utilized.


Basement waterproofing ensures that you can sleep safe and sound, having peace of mind knowing that your home is in good condition. You do not have to worry about seepage or waking up to a flooded basement during a heavy downpour. You also don’t have to think about last-minute repairs or the growth of mould.

Taking precautionary waterproofing measures to ensure your property’s integrity and value is always advisable, considering that the house is where you spend most of your time. Water is one of the worst enemies for your house because, with time, your home will become more susceptible and eventually cause costly damages. This is why there is an emphasis on proper maintenance for your home.

When it comes to hiring a professional basement waterproofing company, Aquatech Waterproofing offers the best solution and service. Whatever type of job you want to be done to your basement, we’ll give you value for your money call 416-300-2191 today!

Basement waterproofing helps prevent your house foundation and basement from being destroyed by water. There are a number of systems to help protect your home. Exterior waterproofing Toronto is one of the ways to help residents mitigate the risks of their houses being destroyed by water.

Underground water may affect the stability of your house. It is important to implement measures that will reduce the risk of water destroying the foundation of your house and entering the basement. Having a reliable waterproofing system will help you evade several risks that are associated with a poor drainage system.

Poor drainage can affect the stability of the walls, the floor of your house, or even cause growth of moulds within your house because moisture finds its way into the basement – beware of signs of waterproofing to ensure a safe living environment.

Here are the common exterior waterproofing systems you can apply to protect your house:

French drains

French drains form a good means of getting rid of excess water even within your compound and around your foundation by carrying the water away from the foundation of the house. Installing a French drain system helps to reduce waterlogged spots within the foundation of the house hence reducing the chances of causing water damage.

Moreover, draining away water helps to reduce the hydrostatic pressure posed on the walls, and this helps to rid the foundation of the house chances of being destroyed. French drains have been used for many years and have been having a significant impact in basement waterproofing. These drains are very reliable in removing water away from the basement hence keeping it dry and safe from the pressure posed by water.

Membrane barriers

With this type of waterproofing, a membrane is installed at the base of foundation walls to form a physical barrier that prevents water from destroying it. Membranes are very effective since they prevent even water pressure from destroying the walls and the foundation of the house. Through exterior waterproofing Toronto, homeowners can keep their properties protected. The membranes create a barrier that prevent water from getting in contact with the walls and foundation. Membrane barriers are made of durable materials and are long lasting thereby giving your home quality protection
against water destruction.

Exterior wall coating

Several wall coating products can be used to protect your house foundation against destruction by underground water. Asphalt base or polymer products can be used to form a coating at the basement of your house and walls to protect them against them water thereby minimizing or stopping the issue of water damage.

Sealing cracks

Open cracks can widen over time and cause serious damage to your home foundation by allowing water to seep into the house. Sealing apparent cracks in walls or floors which are visible will prevent them from expanding to levels that are unmanageable. It is important to take action when the cracks are small to prevent a situation whereby the whole house will have to be demolished because of a weakened foundation.

A Sump pump system may be used where a large amount of water is getting into the house and posing a serious threat to your house and family. The sump pumps system helps keep your basement dry at all times by pumping out any water that collects in the sump basin.

You can choose the best method that suits your waterproofing needs and preferences from the different solutions of exterior waterproofing Toronto. You should access your services from professionals who understand your needs clearly to get the best solutions.

Wet basement problems may become an antagonizing challenge if they are not solved amicably to prevent damage. For this reason, there is need to apply preventive measures with wet basement solutions in an attempt to prevent a nasty experience emanating from a damp or moisture. Practising preventive waterproofing measures will save several problems that can arise when wet basement problems remain unchecked. When you don’t deal with water damage issues before they get worse, you will incur huge costs in the long run.

Here are preventive measures to take to protect your basement from damp.


Ensure that your basement is properly sealed

When completing your basement walls, it is important to ensure all cracks regardless of how small, they are properly sealed to prevent chances of water penetrating the foundation. When the cracks are sealed early enough, they are prevented from expanding further. Having them sealed when construction is still underway is better since repairing them when the house is already built is expensive and cumbersome.

When wall cracks or floor cracks appear when you have already settled in a house, it is vital to have them sealed as soon as possible to prevent the situation from aggravating. Remember to have them repaired by a professional in waterproofing to ensure that quality work has been done.

Install waterproof membranes

Waterproof membranes installed on the exterior form excellent wet basement solutions and can prevent water from getting in contact with foundation walls. When the membranes are coupled with weeping tiles or French drains, it can ensure that water does not get into the basement. It is better to bar water from reaching the basement than deal with it when it has penetrated the walls. Water follows paths of least resistance to enter the basement. It can pass through cracks on walls or the porous cement that joints the brickworks. The best thing is to ensure you stop the water from reaching the foundation walls.

Shape the landscape and grading

If your landscape is in such a design that when it floods, the water drains into your basement, it is important to reshape in an attempt to direct the water away. The ground that is next to the foundation should be raised so that it slopes outward. When water collects on that ground, it will flow away from the foundation. This will protect the walls of the foundation and reduce the amount of water likely to reach the basement.

Install or repair gutters

The roof of your home collect substantial amount of water. If that water is not directed to flow away, it may end up seeping down to the basement. Having gutters and properly working downspouts ensures the water drains away from the home.

There is adage that says prevention is better than cure. Applying the best wet basement solutions will help you evade serious and complicated water damage problems that would arise when the issue bites in full force. Using preventive measures will also help you avoid expensive costs that you could incurred when you have to deal with major repairs or replacement of property destroyed by moisture.

Aquatech Waterproofing offers the best solutions and services to whatever type of job you want done to your basement, giving you the best value for your money.