Water damage in your space can be very difficult to clean up. It can cause immense water to sink into the items and materials kept on the surface. It can also lead to moisture capturing, which can eventually weaken the structure of your building’s walls, floors, and wet and leaky basement Toronto. The most damaging effect of the water damage is the infestation of mold and other bacteria in that area. If not dried properly, fungi spores can be seen all over the place.

The growth of mold and mildew is very common in damp areas. These fungi quickly spread if the area is filled with moisture and humidity. Rainy season encounters the most increase in mold outbreaks, which can severely ruin and deform home furnishings. Along with this, it can cause serious health problems like allergies, weakened immune system, and other problems like unpleasant odor, rusting of your drainage pipelines, and warp of in drywall and wood at your home.

Therefore, you need to check for any fungus infestation in damp crawl spaces, walls, or attics after the water damage. If found, you should urgently fix the problem within one to two days.

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How to prevent the outbreak of mold?

Getting rid of the mold and mildew growth from your home is a must thing as molds grow at a very high rate. You can easily prevent fungi occurrence in your indoor space by following these simple tips given in this blog.

Prevent the area from moisture

The most important thing to keep in mind while controlling the fungus infestation is that you must first control the moisture present in the area. You will then be able to prevent the mold from growing in your indoor space. If there is any leakage problem in the area, you must quickly fix it as it can be a catalyst for increasing moisture. For example, leaky basement Toronto with poor foundation drainage has several chances of major mold outbreaks. Removing the water from the foundation can help avoid moisture and humidity. This will ensure no mold grows out there.

Ensure perfect ventilation system

You can avoid fungi growth by allowing a perfect ventilation system in your attic and crawl spaces. It will help to maintain the air level and reduce the humidity and moisture from the space. You can open doors and windows to allow air movement to keep the area dry. You can also use fans and dehumidifiers to extract the moisture out of the area. Ventilation is very effective for preventing humid air from being trapped in and causing mold and mildew outbreaks.

Remove wet porous items

You need to remove all the items which have been wet for more than two days. There can be traces of porous particles on damp items, including carpets, rugs, upholstery, ceiling tiles, wood products, and other hard-to-clean items. These need to be removed from that area as they can be a source for mold growth again. You can dry these items in the sunlight so that you can minimize mold transmission.

Clean and sanitize the surface

Once you have detected the mold infestation, you need to clean the area and sanitize all sources. This step should be initiated after withdrawing the moisture from the surface and ensuring a perfect good flow. Cleaning is done to ensure the elimination of the possibility of any bacteria or mold in that area. You can use cleaning solutions from the market or apply bleach on the mold-infested surface.

Call an expert team for a permanent solution

Though these market solutions can be very effective for a temporary solution, they won’t work in the long run. The molds will grow again with these short-term remedies. For something as stubborn as a mold outbreak, you must take help from a team of professionals. The experts will give you the best wet basement solutions for the permanent elimination of molds in the area.

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