Battery Backup Pump

Having a sump pump in your basement is a great way to keep water out of your home. However, your basement will only stay dry as long as your sump pump is working. That’s why Aquatech Waterproofing recommends installing a battery backup pump in your home.

When your sump pump loses power, the water that collects in your sump pit has nowhere to go except into your basement. While a sump pit is designed to collect a lot of water, it can fill up very fast during a heavy rainfall. If you don’t have a backup battery, this water could end up flooding your basement and causing a lot of damage to your property and possessions.

A battery backup can be a lifesaver. There are many instances where your home might not be able to supply the power your sump pump needs. Since heavy rainfalls are often accompanied by thunder and lightning, a power outage is often a big risk. Even a short power outage can be enough for your sump pit to overflow.


Weeping Tile Installation

Whether you use your basement for storage or you have a finished basement with a lot of furniture and electronics, it is essential to keep the area dry. There are many different waterproofing techniques that can work to help keep the water out of your basement. It is important to use the right strategy to make sure your basement never floods. One of the best solutions for a dry basement is weeping tile installation.

Aquatech Waterproofing is a leading expert in the Toronto area in keeping basements dry. Our experienced experts can recommend and install the correct weeping tile system that will prevent water from ever coming into your home. Weeping tile helps to push water away from your home so that the water can’t get inside and cause damage to your property and belongings. In most cases, we recommend installing weeping tile from the inside of your home, which usually saves on cost and means you won’t have to dig up your yard.


Window Well Installation

It is often difficult for a homeowner to determine the cause of water coming into the home. You might not notice any foundation cracks or water building up in your basement. Still, there are many ways that water could be penetrating into your home. You might notice water stains on your walls and have no idea how this water is getting into your home. Depending on your situation, window well installation might help to keep the water out.

Aquatech Waterproofing specializes in window well installation throughout the Toronto area. We can assess your water damage and determine if window wells will help protect your home from future leaks.


French Drains

Improving the drainage system around your home is an important step in protecting your property from costly water damage. A French Drain is one type of drainage system that might be particularly effective for your home. The experts at Aquatech Waterproofing can evaluate your property and determine if a French Drain is the answer to your Toronto waterproofing needs. We can also install your French Drain so that the water stays out of your home and doesn’t cause flooding or unnecessary erosion in your yard.

The key concept behind a French Drain is that it will redirect water away from your home. French Drains are effective for correcting problems with both surface water and groundwater. If you notice your yard flooding after a heavy rain, then a French Drain might be the answer to your problems. Another sign that you might benefit from a French Drain is if you notice water pooling against your home at any time.


Foundation Repair

A foundation is one key part of the home that is often overlooked. Having a good sturdy foundation is essential to keeping your home in great condition for many years. While foundations are strong and made to last, they typically will develop cracks over time. Ignoring these cracks can lead to major damages down the road. Not only will these cracks become unsightly, but they will also become a source for water to penetrate your home and cause mold, mildew, fungus, and other water damage.

Aquatech Waterproofing takes a careful approach to assessing foundation damage. We take every crack seriously and take the necessary precautions to make sure your foundation doesn’t become a flood hazard for your home. Because concrete is a very porous surface, it can let a lot of water inside. When there are cracks in the foundation, the water will leak right into your home. Foundation cracks can also cause your home to shift and become less sturdy. That’s why it is important to take care of any foundation cracks as quickly as you can.


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