DELTA Membrane Systems for Basement Waterproofing in Toronto?


DELTA®-MS is made of a special high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin. The membrane is remarkably impermeable to water and water vapor and unaffected by acidic or alkaline environments. Equipped with highly efficient additive packages, the HDPE is stabilized against oxidation and provides outstanding compressive strength, impact resistance, chemical and environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR).


Whether it be a residential home or a multi-family apartment building, our knowledge, experience and proven products will give your project the protection it needs.

DELTA Membrane Systems specializes in providing products that prevent water from penetrating your building.

The company has been working in the Toronto and GTA area building market for almost a decade and is made up of a team of skilled and knowledgeable Basement Waterproofing individuals, trained to recognize water problems before they start and apply the right systems to keep your home dry and leak-free.

All of the product manufacturers

have met our demands for technical support, service, on-site training of professional installation techniques and written warranties that cover products, performance and installation.
We are committed to being the best in the waterproofing industry so that we can give you, the customer, the best BAsement waterproofing, Wet Basement and Leaky Basement protection for your home in Toronto.

Delta Products warranty


Delta provides a 20-year product warranty from the manufacturer, and a 7-year transferrable Installation warranty when using a Certified MS Installer.

DELTA®-MS(Membrane System) Foundation Waterproofing Membrane. TM Below-grade foundation waterproofing for masonry and poured concrete structures.

Dealers have worked with DELTA Membrane Systems for a long time now. Their service and attention to detail have always been top-notch. The quality of the product has been an industry leader and we wouldn’t trust our projects with anything less. It has been a pleasure working with DELTA Membrane Systems and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Product Description DELTA®-MS is a highly effective waterproofing protection system based on a uniquely formed air-gap membrane. The main component of DELTA®-MS is the plastic (HDPE) membrane, formed in a dimple pattern to create an air-gap at the foundation wall. This unique design allows any water getting past the dimpled plastic sheet to fall freely to the footer drain. This membrane is remarkably impermeable to water and water vapor and impervious to acids and other agents. DELTA®-MS HDPE is tough, resilient and durable with an expected service life of more than 50 years. Function The membrane’s key job, the first principle of fail safe water management is to keep water from ever touching the wall on it’s way through the soil to the footing drainage systems. DELTA®-MS provides two lines of defense. The first is an impermeable plastic sheet that is waterproof. The second is the dimpled structure that offers a free drainage path. In the event that water passes the first line of defense, it can flow freely down the air-gap to the footer drain. Unlike a coating, DELTA®-MS bridges all size cracks, ignores damage points, and deflects water as well as soil dampness. It also allows for the drainage of construction moisture to the footer drain. Residential Construction DELTA®-MS is up to one half the price of conventional waterproofing systems, and offers a complete protection system for foundation walls. When used on the exterior of poured concrete, concrete block, or preserved wood foundation (PWF),

Benefits of DELTA®-MS: • acts as an air-gap and capillary breaking waterproofing and drainage membrane • keeps soil moisture from touching the wall, condenses and drains construction moisture to the footing drains • is a safe, non-toxic product that does not require any protective respiratory or handling devices during installation • installs quickly • bridges cracks and ignores damage points of foundation walls • forms an independent skin around the basement • does not require any special preparation of the concrete foundation wall, beyond code requirements • is environmentally friendly – recyclable Advantages of DELTA®-MS: • high-density polyethylene is impermeable to water and water vapor. • outlasts the life of the structure (will not break down or disintegrate due to soil acids.) • is non-polluting and non-toxic • can be installed on damp or frosty surfaces • installation is unaffected by temperatures (-22˚F to +176˚F/ -30˚C to + 80˚C) • requires no maintenance • available in large sheets, thereby minimizing seams • unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles • spans across all cracks and other surface defects Evaluation Reports (Certifications) Foundation Waterproofing Membrane – ICC ES, ESR-2303 Drainage Layer – CCMC # 12788-R Dampproofing – CCMC # 12658-R

The information printed in this blog reflects product information and specifications at the date of printing. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes when necessary.

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Water damage is a common issue in many homes in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, as rainy season levels can make challenging circumstances for bases. However, new building technologies have helped in shaping how everyone’s homes interact with water.

The cost of waterproofing Basement Leak Repair Cost Toronto Is essential for you as a homeowner. It’s also necessary that you make an effort to maintain your property in good condition. It is necessary from a strategic perspective to keep people safe while they are in your home, and it is also a way to keep your home updated and save money over the long term by avoiding problems in advance. It is particularly true in the basement, where most people are looking to expand their living space vertically rather than horizontally.

Your basement condition is a significant factor that can affect your home’s stability and your ability to rebuild and extend your workspace. With all that in consideration, you could be keen to learn how much basement waterproofing in Toronto costs.

Why Is Dry Basement Important?

One of the most neglected areas of a house is the basement. It’s not shocking, given that there’s little reason to visit an unfinished basement regularly. However, it’s still important to note that maintaining your basement in good shape is essential for your home’s overall condition.

A wet basement can cause all kinds of structural problems, reducing your home’s overall integrity to make living conditions unsafe. Although it may be tempting to dismiss these fears as unreasonable, you may be surprised with how little water is required to cause a lot of damage.

It’s essential to keep your basement dry for the sake of your home’s overall health and importance. It can keep you from getting potential health risks, such as mold, and can even help you increase the resell home’s value.

Internal Basement Waterproofing Cost Toronto

Interior basement waterproofing cost, basement waterproofing cost toronto

Interior basement waterproofing includes waterproofing materials such as a membrane, epoxy injections, and coatings, or a drain attached to a sump pump to divert water in the basement. Interior waterproofing is generally the most cost-effective option, and it works well in cases where reaching the exterior of the foundation to build waterproofing materials is not practical.

The cost of waterproofing an interior basement starts at $65 per linear foot and depends on the materials and methods. The better internal waterproofing option is to combine a waterproof membrane with a drain and sump pump system to remove water from the house.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing Cost Toronto

exterior basement waterproofing, basement waterproofing toronto, basement waterproofing

Reconstruction to the full depth of the building structure requires exterior basement waterproofing. Reconstruction is necessary because it removes any soil or waste from the base. After that, waterproof membranes are implemented to waterproof the base from the outside. The layer is then covered with a drain panel that directs water to an external drain at the foundation’s base.

The Exterior Basement Waterproofing Cost Toronto changes depending on the trench’s depth, the ease with which the foundation can access, and the extent of the damage. The starting Exterior Basement Waterproofing Cost Toronto per linear foot is $100.

Reason That Determines The Cost of Basement Waterproofing In Toronto

Method of waterproofing:

Exterior waterproofing is more expensive than interior waterproofing, as stated previously. However, when selecting interiors waterproofing, the price may not be the only consideration.

Exterior basement waterproofing is the better option if you’d like a long-term solution. Exterior waterproofing is not as effective as sealants and transparent paints. Before deciding which technique to use, weigh the advantages and practicality of each.

Depth of the foundation:

The overall cost from whatever waterproofing method you selected is affected by the depth of your foundation. Deeper foundations require more time and resources. The majority of foundations are between 5 and 8 feet deep.

Waterproofing Materials:

The materials most often impact the cost to use it. If you need exterior or interior basement waterproofing solutions or just basement crack repair, the materials you use will depend.

Labour & installation:

Some installation processes require longer to finish than others.

Exterior basement waterproofing, for example, would cost as much as interior basement waterproofing simply because fixing leaky foundation issues takes more time and labor.


A wet basement is an ideal environment for germs and bacteria to develop. Depending on the mold, these could negatively affect your health and have long-term effects. In addition to the previously mentioned issues, a Wet Basement repair in Toronto can turn to a rapidly deteriorating base, which can quickly lead to severe structural problems, putting your family’s safety at risk.

Is it accurate to say that you are interested about the expense of basement waterproofing? Provided that this is true, you are following in some admirable people’s footsteps – numerous people wonder exactly the amount they should spend.

Remember that Aquatech Waterproofing offers a wide range of services intended to help keep your basement dry while remaining in a financial plan to manage basement waterproofing in homes.

Reach us today for more data about our basement waterproofing administrations! Call us at 416-300-2191 and let our accomplished staff help answer your inquiries.

Basement waterproofing leads to the materials and techniques used to keep water out from a building’s basement. Waterproofing a basement below ground level can require waterproofing materials, pipes, and sump pumps, along with other items. Basements are especially vulnerable to dampness and moisture deposition. Hydrostatic pressure creates under basement walls and floors related to water in the soil.

Water can be forced into cracks with this hydrostatic strain, causing significant structural damage, fungus, rot, and other moisture-related issues. Improper soil and drainage systems incorrectly designed and maintained sewer pipes, an inappropriate slope, hydrostatic pressure, cold air, and other factors all lead to this. Basement waterproofing creates to avoid any of these problems. There are many different waterproofing types that your basement may require, based on your house’s time and condition. Learn more about types of basement waterproofing.

Types Of Basement Waterproofing: 

  • Interior Waterproofing


Interior waterproofing, Interior basement waterproofing

Interior waterproofing, as the names imply, focuses mainly on the walls and ceiling of your basement. This type of waterproofing aims to keep water and fungus out of the usable space in your basement. If your basement walls do not paint, you can have concrete waterproofing coatings or silicate-based concrete sealers to keep water out.

For extra protection, ensure they coat with waterproof material. The cost of waterproofing basement walls from the inside and waterproofing basement floors with concrete coatings is approximately equal to exterior waterproofing.

  • Interior Basement Drainage:

Interior drainage is more like an addition to many other waterproofing services than is a type of waterproofing. When water stabilizes in your basement, this can allow mildew to grow, requiring mold removal. Interior basement drainage avoids damage by water removal that enters during heavy rainfall or flash flooding. A sump pump system can be required depending on the design of your basement to ensure complete drainage.

  • Exterior Waterproofing:


Exterior Basement, Exterior basement waterproofing

Waterproofing basement walls from the outside includes more extensive procedures to prevent water from entering the home’s interior. It is the most comprehensive and effective form of waterproofing a basement. It solves the problems of unequal grading and poor drainage. To completely prevent your basement from becoming damp and water from causing damage to your home, hire a team of basement waterproofing solutions toronto to build a drain around your building, down to the foundation floor, and install proper drainage. It may also be appropriate to add a waterproof coating or panels to the base and add French drains.

Average Cost of Basement Waterproofing

First, let’s take a look at a certain average basement waterproofing price. According to online surveys and calculators, waterproofing a basement will cost between about $1,920 and $6,493. The average cost per square foot is $3 to $10.

Maintenance work can cost as little as $600, although more extensive and complicated waterproofing jobs can cost as much as $10,000.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Although water may make its way in via the cracks in the foundation and improper heating or cooling may cause an accumulation of water or condensation, your basement is especially responsive to water harm.

  • Cost-effective
  • Better indoor environment
  • Safety for the Basement Floor
  • Basement flooding protection
  • Protect against extensive damage
  • Reduce Your Electricity Bills


The type and method of basement construction, the level underground, and the intended end use will affect the waterproofing device selected. Water damage can result in significant issues and costly repairs. When it comes to maintaining your basement dry, there are many various factors to consider. While every situation is different, prevention is always preferred to repair. Make an appointment with a specialist in wet basement repair Toronto and secure the basement.

Every company doing basement waterproofing in Toronto will likely have multiple questions to ask before they begin their work. The water problem in the basement is annoying and a huge inconvenience. For the homeowner, it helps to understand and anticipate the questions they likely will receive from the client. Here is a collection of some of the most common questions one is likely to receive; Duration of the stay in the house

The question about how long one has stayed in their house is not just for conversation’s sake. The answer to this question will help the contractor gauge whether their customer understands the history of their home. The longer one has stayed at their home, the sharper their recollection of events will be. Basement waterproofing in Toronto might also depend on the particular area and its climate and landscape characteristics.

Frequency of the Problem

How often the problem occurs will help the contractor trace and identify the cause of the seepage. Most problems coincide with seasons, like water problems during the rainy season or in winter. Sometimes, the problem can be as a result of another unrelated issue, so do not assume anything.


This is fairly straightforward. The location of the seepage on the floor or in the basement will help the contractor find the exact source, and consequently know where to concentrate most of their efforts on. It pays to be prepared, so take pictures of the seepage as soon as it is noticed. The location of the water on the floor might not exactly be the very point of seepage. However, chances are that it will be close.

Future Plans

Depending on the contractor one goes to for basement waterproofing in Toronto, another question one is likely to face will be about the homeowner’s future plans with their basement. Will it be used for a family room, workshop or man cave? Or will simply be left unfinished and used for storage? The items that will be stored there are also of great significance. The future plans for this space will determine the extent of the repairs that the basement will require.

Past Maintenance

Do not feel like this is a judgment, but the answers to this question are important. How often does the homeowner mow their lawn or do landscaping helps the contractor determine whether the homeowner leans towards a DIY attitude or lives more of a maintenance free lifestyle. Seepage might require frequent future attention, and depending on the orientation of the homeowner towards maintenance, some can safely be left to take care of their homes in future, while others might need frequent follow up visits.

If the home has been seepage free for long but has only just recently began experiencing problems, it could be that some recent change, especially to the drainage system, is the source of the issue. It is important to mention recent landscaping jobs or sewer lie replacements.

Wet basements smell musty and nasty, and pose a great risk to the health of the home. If left unchecked, the wet basement can ruin the floor, encourage the growth of mold and even go as far as damaging the roof. A wet basement is essentially useless. It is unlivable and cannot store anything that is not waterproof. The growth of mold and the humidity can result in serious health issues. Fixing the problem of a wet basement is one of the most important things one can ever do for their homes. There are many simple wet basement solutions like clearing gutters and diverting the water. Still, if the problem persists, it might be time to try one of the following.

Adding extensions to the gutter

If the downspouts dump water a distance of less than 5 feet away from the house, then the water can be guided away by adding an extension. However, it is important to note that these are not the best long term wet basement solutions around, especially if there is a possibility that one can trip over them or run them over with a lawn mower.


Sometimes, the source of the water trickling into the basement might be obvious. If the water is seeping in through cracks that are visible on the walls, then perhaps it might be time to plug the gaps. The plugs will only work as wet basement solutions if the water is only seeping through a hole either from wet soil or from the surface. If the water is coming up through the floor, or at the joints between the floor and the walls, then the problem involves groundwater and is a much larger one.


Sometimes, even when the problem is not one of groundwater and the gutters have been extended, the water might still seep into the house basement, even after the gaps have been plugged. This could mean that the surface water is not being driven away as it should. The house should sit on a crown, sloping away at least six inches within the first ten feet around the house.

Bring in the experts

While there are many DIY options available, sometimes the seeping basement solution that is apparent will only be a stop gap measure. It is only the trained and experienced eye that can see a much larger problem. Involve the experts in finding a solution to the leaky basement.

When looking to improve the value of the home, most people look to the inside of the house, the bathroom, the kitchen and perhaps the outside walls and roof. Many rarely ever look seriously at the basement as a part of the house that needs constant care and maintenance. One of the most persistent and stubborn problems associated with basements is that of mold and leaky basements. When this problem arises, it is important to deal with it as soon as possible. Here are some of the advantages of conducting regular leaky basement repair.

Health Problems

Believe it or not, the harmless mold and mildew problem in the basement can actually be a serious health risk. The growth of black and toxic mold happens rapidly. Within about 48 hours, there is almost always some mold growing on damp surfaces and walls. Imagine having ignored the problem for some months or years. Contact with this mold can be poisonous to members of the family. The humid air that comes from the leaky basement might also cause respiratory complications.


Most people use the basement from storage of everything from old paperwork to furniture. Some might even go as far as using the basement as an extra room, family lounge or library. Whatever the case, the basement is pretty much useless as a storage space without regular leaky basement repair and maintenance. The seeping water will easily damage books and furniture, and leave the susceptible to pests.

The House

Without leaky basement repair, the seeping water can mess with the structural integrity of the house. This is why for many people, dealing with a leaky basement problem involves both interior and exterior steps. The water not only seeps into and damages the items within the room, but also gets into the walls. The walls might then become weaker and collapse. Wood is especially vulnerable along with wood rot, and when wet is susceptible to termites. Not many people realize it, but problems with leaky basements might end up affecting even the roofing of the home.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes it is more than keeping the things in the basement safe. The water problem in the basement is an annoying one, and dealing with it once and for all is priceless to every homeowner. Additionally, a basement without issues improves the value of the house. Basements normally account for up to a third of the floor space of a typical house. They are essentially another floor, and by virtue of this deserve as much attention as the rest of the house.

If your looking basement waterproofing services, Aquatech Waterproofing offers the best solution and service to whatever type of job you want done to your basement, giving you value for your money call us today: 416-300-2191

Wet Basement Waterproofing Cost Considerations

Asking for wet basement waterproofing quotations can be confusing. There are low and high costs, with every company promising the best service. So what determines the wet basement waterproofing cost? Here are some essential wet basement waterproofing cost considerations.

What The Problem Is

The first thing to look for when thinking about wet basement waterproofing is the source of the problem. People seek waterproofing for several reasons, and generally, the issues fall under preventive measures and problem-solving. The most common sources of wet basements include clogged or misdirected downspouts and gutters. Condensation issues can also result in wet basements, in which case the reason could be poor ventilation. After determining the source of the problem, it gets easier to make investment decisions.


After determining the cause of the problem, the next thing should be a review of the options. There are different waterproofing techniques, each tailored to a specific situation. There are three common types of wet basement waterproofing;

  • Interior sealants
  • Exterior systems
  • Drainage methods

Standard interior waterproofing includes sealants and waterproof coatings. In comparison, exterior solutions include these and other external based solutions like sealing cracks. Drainage based waterproofing systems are those that deal with the roof and landscape drainage.

Problem Solving

After finding available solutions and understanding the problem, the final step should be to look for a specific problem-solving solution. Choose a solution that not only solves the leaky or wet basement problem but makes sure it doesn’t reoccur. It’s much better spending money with that long term permanent fix than wasting money on temporary solutions. Another essential to keep in mind that what works for one house, or what is widely advertised will not necessarily work another home. Each solution is unique, so make sure you do your due diligence on the problem’s unique characteristics.

Additional Costs

When determining the overall wet basement waterproofing cost, make sure the price generally includes,

  • Materials, their transportation and delivery
  • Preparing the worksite, protecting the structure and materials
  • Cleanup and removal of debris after finishing the project
  • Labour and time according to the minimum hourly wage rules

Ask about such costs as the general contractor fees, sales tax on the materials and permits, and the local authorities’ inspection fees. To get a free waterproofing cost estimate, contact Aquatech Waterproofing today: 416-300-2191

4 Major Health Hazards of Having a Wet Basement in Toronto

A leaky basement is not something any homeowner should ignore. Home waterproofing and foundation repairs for a wet basement in Toronto are crucial. This is not only for the structural security of your home, but for the well-being of your family members. 

Still think that a wet basement isn’t that big of a deal? Here are four major reasons why your damp house is ruining your family’s health.

wet basement in toronto

Bacteria Can Grow In A Leaky Basement

Moisture in a wet basement is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Once airborne, the bacteria can cause many different harmful infections, and if they are not cleaned out properly the sickness will keep coming back. These bacteria colonies like to grow on damp, organic matter such as wooden floorboards and walls.

And without the proper foundation sealing, these airborne bugs can easily spread throughout the house.

Mold Flourishes In Damp And Wet Basement Environments

Mold is the most common health hazard that comes with working and living in moist environments. Simply speaking, mold is a fungus and comes in a rainbow of colors, including black, brown, yellow, pink, or green. It can be fuzzy and grows rapidly on basically anything indoors, from carpeting to drywall. Mold releases tiny spores of fungus within the air, and when ingested these spores can harm your airways. Those who spend time in mold-infested environments can suffer from headaches, respiratory illnesses, asthma, and eye infections.

Dust Mites Breed In Your Damp Basement

Noticing a trend yet? We’ve covered bacteria and fungus, and now it’s time to move on to pests of the six-legged variety.

Dust mites are a surprising side effect to damp basements. They thrive in warm environments, and these little guys feel right at home surrounded by water. So if you are experiencing a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing, you may have an invasion of dust mites in your basement. In order to banish these bugs, experts recommend keeping the humidity of your home at less than 50%, and investing in air conditioning for exceptionally warm days.

fixing wet basement in toronto

A Variety of Other Pests Can Invade Due To Leaky Basement Conditions

The last things you want are creepy-crawlies in your basement. A wet basement can attract mice, cockroaches, spiders, snakes, and ants that probably wouldn’t be very good house guests.

You don’t have to worry about these four health hazards if you invest in different water proofing solutions for your basement. Be proactive: Aquatech Waterproofing in Toronto will help you keep your basement nice and dry, so call today.



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Everything You Need To Know About Exterior Basement Waterproofing

When your basement was built the foundation contractor installed a drain system and waterproofed the walls. Including exterior basement waterproofing, correct? Well, maybe. Way too often home builders will only use damp proofing methods instead of waterproofing methods. This spray on material looks like true waterproofing emulsion, but is watered down and not nearly as thick. The next thing that many home builders do poorly is their installation of the perimeter drain. Way too often they will use corrugated pipe as a perimeter drain because the excavation is not graded for proper drainage.

exterior basement waterproofing

This corrugated pipe runs up and down the peaks and valleys along the bottom of the excavation and then cover this piping with extra plumber rock. Plumbers rock is too small and there generally is not enough to properly cover the drainage system. Finally it is time to backfill. As everyone knows, that have been is to a new construction site, there is trash, building waste and un-compacted soil used for backfill. All of these things contribute to an exterior basement waterproofing system that does not last for more than about 7-10 years.

Getting Proper Basement Waterproofing Services

The number one thing needed to properly waterproofing the exterior of a structure is – care. Yes, you must care. You must use proper materials, take your time and have pride in the workmanship. Without these things your home will not be waterproofed correctly.

Moisture is transferred from the outside of the building to the basement interior by four primary mechanisms. First, water flow. Water takes the path of least resistance, if this is into your basement, then that is where the water will flow. Second, capillary action. Concrete is a porous material, it is very hard yet porous. Think of capillary action being like a wick. As concrete sets in water, this water is absorbed by the concrete until it becomes complete saturated and then disperses moisture and water vapor to the inside of the home.

Basement Waterproofing For Vapor Diffusion

Next is vapor diffusion. Vapor diffusion is much like capillary suction, except with water vapor. Water vapor only needs the smallest of openings to penetrate a structure and raise humidity levels. Lastly, air movement. Any time that a door or window is opened not only are you bringing air in to the home but you are pulling air from the basement to the upper living levels. This is known as stack effect. Your home acts like a chimney drawing air from the bottom toward the top. 40% of the air we breathe in our homes comes from the basement.

exterior basement waterproofing contractors

What You Should Do To Ensure Professional Basement Waterproofing?

If exterior water is making its way into your basement or crawlspace you are in the need of proper exterior waterproofing. To properly waterproof your home it will need to be excavated. The footing will need to be exposed and all exterior issues will need to be dealt with.

Foundation walls will need to be cleaned and then a spray or roll on polymer waterproofing product will need to be applied. Once dry, this coating will need to be covered with a dimple board product. The dimple board protects your newly sealed surface and also allows better water flow downward. The next step is to install a drain pipe system that is properly sloped for continuous drainage. This slope can be to a sump pit or to daylight, depending on the site layout. Now the drain pipe is covered with a ¾” clean rock. This rock backfill can be from 1’ up to 60% of the wall height, depending on the soil conditions. On top of the rock a non-woven geo-textile material is wrapped to help filter soil without clogging. After the geo-textile material installation soil backfill can begin. This soil needs to be native clayey soils that resist water intrusion. Backfilling with loose soils creates a highway for the water opposed to clay soils that force water away.

Exterior Waterproofing Is A Big Job That’s Needed

Proper exterior waterproofing is no small chore and should not be attempted by unqualified people. You are protecting your home and the job should be done correctly and provide a permanent solution to your home. Remember that exterior wall waterproofing cannot prevent water from moving deeply below your foundation walls. This water can move through your basement or crawlspace floor. In these cases an interior drainage system will complement your exterior efforts, not replace them. An interior drainage system is not waterproofing. Interior drain systems are water management agents that relieve excess water from around and under your foundation.

Keep in mind that if your are moving the exterior water to a sump pump system, this system must be up to the task. Modern sump pumps, battery backup sump pumps and high quality sump basins are available to remove this collected water away from your home.

Foundation drain tile systems are the means by which groundwater is transported away from your basements foundation and floor. If you want a dry basement and a sound foundation, you must have an adequate foundation drainage system.

For more information, contact our local basement waterproofing expert today!



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How To Get Your Wet Basement Dry This Spring

Because water damage is the LAST thing you’ll want to deal with during your spring-cleaning. Make sure that you take the right steps to keep your wet basement dry this spring.

It’s only a matter of time until winter rolls into spring, and snowstorms turn into rainstorms. Even though your basement can still leak in the wintertime, it’s imperative that you also keep a close eye downstairs during the spring. Before any basement leaking disasters hit this upcoming season, here are a few precautionary steps to take for basement waterproofing in Toronto.

Why Isn’t Your Leaky Basement Dry?

wet basement dryThe first thing to note is why and how the water is coming into your wet basement. In the springtime, the biggest culprit to blame is the rain. Typically this happens because of poor placement/mapping of your downpipes outside of the house. If you don’t have any troughs or downspouts to lead the water away from your house, it can easily cause to basement foundation leak. So before the rain even hits, you’re going to want to properly install a gutter system outside of your house.

Once your gutter system has been properly checked, make sure to clear it out. Once the snow starts to melt, you’ll notice your gutters can be completely flooded with other organic materials—like leaves and twigs. You can’t help the flow of water if you don’t clear this out. Without clearing it, water can easily overflow and pour over in areas that weren’t intended to have water, which can lead to water in your foundation once again. Always, always check and clean your gutters first.

Even though having downspout sticking out in the middle of the lawn can be an eyesore, it is crucial for keeping your basement dry. Having downpipes will help organize the flow of water when it rains, keeping it far from your foundation and your basement.

Obviously, every piece of land is different, and placing a downspout for a natural run-off may not make sense for your home. It may be wise to think about laying an underground drainpipe and leading the downpipes directly to it.

Dealing With Wet Basement Damage

Now if you’re reading this after experiencing some water damage, there are a few ways you can fix the problem right away. The first is to check the landscape of your house, checking for where the water leaked in and how you can fix the flow of water on the outside. Next, find the proper material to fix the problem—adding proper soil and fixing your gutters. Be sure to check your gutters and downspouts consistently to avoid water damage in the future.

Along with taking care of your gutter system and basement foundation leaking, it would be wise to actually waterproof your basement. Waterproofing includes controlling the dust, fixing the floors, and even installing a drain to catch the water when it leaks through. You should also consider removing any trees or shrubbery that is close to the foundation of your house since the roots can create a channel of water very close to your foundation and basement. If you do so, make sure to check the slope and create a new fill.


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