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A crawl space conversion also referred to as a “dig out” may ultimately change your cramped, musty old crawl space to a basement.

Homeowners with crawl space understand that crawl spaces are not beneficial in regards to a storage area. They can also bring mold, mildew, water issues and, quite frequently, wildlife and rodents. Additionally, houses with crawl spaces on the market sell for significantly less than those with a basement.

What is a Crawl Space Conversion?

A crawl space conversion, or dig out, is the process of digging out the region beneath your home wherever your crawl space is. Our team excavates the area to a depth of the size of a complete basement. A concrete or cement floor and walls have been put in place, providing you with a solid base and new, dry basement.

What are the Benefits of a Crawl Space Conversion?

Increased Storage Space

Among the biggest benefits of a crawl space conversion would be that the enormously improved space available for storage. As any homeowner with a crawl space may let you know, they’re not as excellent for storage. Converting a crawl space into a basement provides you with a lot more space to store your treasured possessions. You may also get it done in a sterile environment, without the anxiety of water damage.

Including a Basement Increases Home Value

Figuring out your crawl space and turning right into a basement is a surefire approach to raise the worth of your home dramatically.

Homes with basements sell for more money. They provide more living and storage room and, generally speaking, fewer water problems than crawl spaces. If you convert your crawl space, you’re adding a new flooring to your house – minus the extreme cost of adding in addition to your home.

Dig Outs Supply More Living Space and Better Energy Usage

Imagine snapping your fingers and magically adding a whole floor to your basement. As opposed to just adding a plain cellar, many men and women utilize their crawlspace dig outs to convert into a functional, multi-room flooring in their home! They include a basement but additionally add a bath, kitchen, living area, pub, home office, etc. as well. Adding such areas to the basement can also increase the home value, increases the attractiveness and functionality of your home, making it far more appealing to potential buyers.

Plus, a brand new, basement waterproofing cuts back on the energy waste caused by crawl spaces, saving you money on your electricity bills and assisting the environment.



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