The drainage of water in your home can cause you headaches especially at times when it has run out of your control. Drainage issues can be hectic when water or moisture starts penetrating or finding its way into your house. Waterproofing your basement comes with a lot of advantages. It protects the home and keeps the house in good shape. If you have problems with a wet basement in Toronto, you want to ensure that you consult experts in waterproofing. Waterproofing your basement curbs moisture from accessing into the house and moisture can be a problem when it is allowed to get access into the house.

Here are ways waterproofing will keep you home a healthy environment.

Prevents development of molds

When water gets access into your basement space you are faced with a threat of mold growth. Molds thrive in dark, moist areas and basement are ideal breeding grounds for these microbes. Moisture forms a haven for development and growth of molds.

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Mold growth poses several health problems to yourself and your family at large. One of the disgusting things is that mold can grow within short periods of time. In a short period of less than 48 hours, you can have molds growing when the conditions are set right for them to develop. If you are sensitive to mold growth, you will have it rough.

Exposure to mold can cause several health problems including nasal cavity stuffiness, skin itching and scratching, sneezing, coughing, eye irritation, and wheezing. With basement waterproofing, you eliminate the chances of molds growing hence minimize the health hazards – seeking waterproofing solutions for wet basement in the Toronto region can do away with this problem.

You breathe quality air

When damp invades the basement, molds may grow and the home begins to smell bad. The decomposing organic matter due to molds will result in pungent smell. Molds feed on organic substances such as wood. That’s why you find that dampness takes its toll on your wood surfaces and structures pretty fast. Spores of molds can also be suspended in the air you breathe. This may make you become sick or develop allergy reactions.

Prevents food poisoning

Molds growing in your basement can cause food poisoning the moment you leave your food uncovered. The effects can be both on cooked and uncooked food. Consumption of food with mold spores can cause serious stomach problems hence affecting your health. However, not all molds are poisonous.

Toxic molds can cause stomach ache and diarrhea when you eat food contaminated by the microbes. If moisture is allowed enter your house you are at the risk of experiencing this problem frequently hence the higher the chances of harming your intestinal health. Mold can even be worse if you’re allergic to it. Your reaction might be hypersensitive the moment you are exposed to it.

Your health status might be greatly affected the moment you get into contact with it. To avoid such an incident, it is important to seal all the areas that are seeping water into your indoor space.

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