Basement Waterproofing King City

Homeowners often encounter issues of wet basements. Having a wet basement encourages a lot of problems in a home such as property damage, illnesses, and increased cost of repairs of the house. At Aquatech Waterproofing, we know what it takes to deal with wet basements. We have the right professionals to handle the problems. We are prepared and highly equipped to address your wet basement issues ensuring that you home remains warm, dry and inviting for years to come.

When do you need Waterproofing services in King City?

When you find that your home is being invaded by moisture especially the basement, do not wait. If you don’t deal with wet basements in King City fast when the problem occurs, you will meet a lot of costs and challenges in remedying the issue. Aquatech Waterproofing has the right professionals in basement waterproofing King City to help homeowners deal with wet basements and leaking foundations. We have the equipment and a highly trained team to make your home dry and cozy to stay in.

Fully Personalized Waterproofing Services in King City

We have a team of professionals readily equipped to handle your wet basement problem. We take care of our clients’ needs and handle each situation differently to ensure that we have the right solutions and measures put in place. We provide free consultation and visit the home to inspect the basement and identify the problem areas and points of water entry into the basement.

Permanent Interior and Exterior solution
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Waterproofing Services Available in King City

At Aquatech Waterproofing, we bring you a set of waterproofing solutions that are aimed at dealing with every other wet basement problem. We will offer you the right solutions to your specific water damage issues.


Among the services we offer are such as exterior waterproofing to prevent water from getting in contact with the walls and foundations.


We also provide interior waterproofing services that are cost effective and tend to yield good results in protecting the home.


Having an effective drainage system is key. Water proofing the house without a functioning drainage system will only lead to recurrence of the problem. Slopes towards the house are redirected with the use of fill materials to allow water go away from the house. Weeping tiles and French drains are also installed to help in water drainage.


We also repair foundations to make them stable. The foundation of your home may be weakened by settling caused by soil and water pressure. Aquatech Waterproofing can repair the foundation to ensure its stability.


Our basement lowering services allow you to make good use of the basement. Often, because of the nature of basements in most homes, they are used for storage. We can make taller the height of basement to accommodate an extra functional space for your home.


Used when your home has been affected by heavy rains or floods to flush out water. Combined with drainage, it quickly gets rid of the water.


Used to channel water out of your home and away from your property.


Backflow is an undesirable situation where water or sewage comes back into your pipes and ends up in your basement because of low pressure or faulty pipes. It can be dealt with by installing back prevention.

Why Choose Aquatech Waterproofing, King City?

We apply effective solutions to help deal with wet basement problems in King City. Our prices are highly competitive and we do not charge for consultation. We will inspect the home to identify the cause of the leaks and then determine which are the best solutions and mitigation measures to apply. We are backed by 25-year experience and 25 years of warranty for the work we perform in your home.

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