Basement Waterproofing Milton

Basement Waterproofing Milton

There are many factors that lead to dampness or leaks in buildings. These include water table rising during high rainfall, groundwater infiltration into outer walls, damp capillary rise leading to water rising up the walls, windblown rain on building facades and condensation of water vapor in moist air. With these in mind, it is important to basement waterproofing Milton.

Aquatech Waterproofing consist of a team of professionals making sure the people of Milton enjoy dry basements and damp free homes.

When Might You Need Waterproofing Services In Milton?

Leaks, hydrostatic pressure and water that pools around can let in water during heavy rainfall. This can lead to peeling of paint due to water leakage or bubbling, molds on walls and damp patches. Waterproofing solutions prevent this by channeling the water away or adding waterproof layers to your walls or both. When you notice signs of basement leaks, you should call in professionals to provide solutions.

Permanent Interior and Exterior solution
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Waterproofing Services Available In Milton

Aquatech Waterproofing offer a full range of waterproofing services in Milton. We provide lifelong protection solutions, water control solutions and repair damages arising from dampness.


Among the solutions we offer is, an excavation to the footing of the foundation. We then apply jackets to the foundation and walls up thus the water cannot touch the walls themselves.


We use liquid membranes to seal off cracks and gaps. They can either be sprayed, troweled or rolled. However, liquid membranes despite being cheap don’t offer even coverage.


Having a damaged foundation risks your family. It can occur due to leaks, and cause instability of the structure. Aquatech Waterproofing has a team of highly skilled repairers that will repair your foundation to make stable.


We lower the floor of the basements to create height space needed to turn your basement into a useful room.


Water proofing the house without having a functioning drainage system will only lead to the problem reoccurring. Using filling materials, the slopes towards the house are redirected to make water run away from the house. Weeping tiles as well as French drains may be installed to address the issue.


We install new or repair existing ones depending on the extent of damage.


Used to channel water out of your home and away from your property.


Backflow is an undesirable situation where water or sewage comes back into your pipes and ends up in your basement because of low pressure or faulty pipes. It can be dealt with by installing back prevention.

Why Choose Aquatech Waterproofing Milton?

Aquatech Waterproofing offers quality waterproofing services at affordable prices. We have professionals at work to attend to your problems. Our services are available 24 hours a day for the benefit of our clients. We have been serving the people of Milton for the last 25 years and are therefore highly relied upon. We use quality materials and state-of-the-art technology systems. You can enjoy our free consultation and a 25 year warranty so you are guaranteed of quality.

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We just had Aqua Tech waterproofing our basement. The whole team is very professional and friendly. They take time to complete the job right. They also take time to explain the process to help you select the best option for your current problem. The work place is completely clean after they are done. We are so pleased with their work that we will get them to do further work for us.

Nick and his team were great, from start to finish the guys were a pleasure to deal with, they kept the job site clean at all times, and also were very careful and respected my property since the job involved digging a trench on the side of my basement to install weeping tiles. I’m very satisfied with the work and would definitely recommend Aqua Tech Waterproofing in the future.

I hired Aqua Tech to do a 30 feet of exterior waterproofing in my house, Andrew and his crew were simply the best, it was a pleasure dealing with this company, they worked within my budget and always cleaned up. I would definitely recommend this company to all my family and friends. Thank you guys once more and see you back in the spring to do the rest of my house.

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