Leaky And Wet Basement Waterproofing In Toronto


At Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Toronto we have diverse waterproofing, leaky basement and wet basement solutions that deal with damp and wet basement problems. There is nothing we haven’t seen before when it comes to problems concerning basement moisture, dampness and water damage – therefore we have the expertise and basement waterproofing equipment to ensure your home is kept dry and comfortable to stay in. We provide top-class interior and exterior waterproofing services in Toronto, together with basement lowering and foundation repair. Whatever water-related basement problem you have, Aquatech Basement Waterproofing will handle it.

When might you need basement waterproofing services in Toronto?

Allowing dampness, mold, and foundation issues unresolved is a big mistake you’re making. If you see signs of damp, you may want to seek our help to get you a solution.

Of course, at times, it may be hard to ignore the problem. Damp and leaks make your basement unusable. It also spoils the quality of the air. You may also have structural issues with your property. Keep your eye out for damp patches and water pools in your basement, and outside your home. If water builds up against your foundation then it will find its way into your home eventually.

If you see any tell tale signs, do not hesitate to contact us. As a preventive measure, we also provide waterproofing in Toronto. We greatly recommend homeowners to use the preventive measures for water damage issues as an early investment because it saves them money in the end while adding value to their home.

Fully personalized basement waterproofing services in Toronto

When you work with Aquatech Waterproofing, you have a team of caring professionals on your side. We personalize every solution we provide according to clients needs. We view every situation different and strive to provide highly beneficial solutions. We offer free consultation for waterproofing services in Toronto. This allows us to assess any damage or problem areas, analyze the causes and locate points of entry for water, and suggest and discuss solutions with you. At the end of this consultation, we can provide you with a no-obligation quotation based on the solution that you prefer.

Basement waterproofing services available in Toronto

We offer solutions to the problem stopping you from utilizing your basement. Our waterproofing services in Toronto include:

Exterior Basement Waterproofing:

This solution is well known to be an effective waterproofing solution. Using layers of high-quality aquabloc membranes, we waterproof the exterior area of your home, which gives protection enough to stop water from even touching the walls themselves. We combine this with drainage to channel water away from your home. The solution is lifelong and guarantees no more problems with dampness or leak.

Interior Basement Waterproofing:

If you seek cost-effective solutions, our interior waterproofing solutions are ideal. They can quickly resolve major and minor wet basement issues. We use weeping tiles, drainage, waterproofing, and at times sump pump systems to help manage water from the interior of your home. We will not excavate the ground meaning it saves time and money. The interior solutions will ensure water is redirected away from the basement with prudent waterproofing solutions.

Foundation Basement WaterproofingRepair:

Foundations can come under pressure from soil and water, or be damaged as your home settles. Cracking and gaps occurring on the foundation may become grave entry points for water. Damaged foundations will result in serious structural concerns. At Aquatech Waterproofing, we have a qualified team capable of repairing foundations in Toronto homes. Our solutions enhance the stability of your home while also resolving the damp issue.

Basement Lowering:

Many people dream of a basement that they can use for whatever they want; like a bedroom, or a gym, or a workshop space. Some basement doesn’t provide the room’s headroom you need meaning you may remain with a wasted space used for storage.

Our basement lowering helps you lower the floor thus giving you more height to allow you to make use of the room.

We also offer several methods of water control in Toronto, which can be used as individual treatments, or as part of a larger waterproofing solution.

Sump Pump Installation:

A sump pump may be used together with drainage to help remove water pools and serious floods in basements. We fit the best sump pump systems for optimal efficiency.

Weeping Tile Installation:

Installing weeping tiles allows you to drain and redirect pools of water. These perforated pipes allow water to flow away into the drainage.

French Drains:

Sometimes water can gather in a certain point, perhaps because of slopes. French drains are a way to allow this water to drain and channel away. We usually install them if you have a problem in your yard.

Window Well Installation:

A faulty or clogged up window well can soon become a nightmare, holding large pools of water and letting leaks into the basement. We can repair your existing window well,or install a new one.

Why choose Aquatech Basement Waterproofing in Toronto?

Aquatech Basement Waterproofing is an experienced basement waterproofing company serving residents of Toronto for more than 25 years. We emphasize customer satisfaction and provide reliable professional basement waterproofing services that are unbeatable when it comes to quality and basement waterproofing cost. To give you as much confidence as we have, all of our basement waterproofing work comes with a 25 year wet and leaky basement warranty, so you can rest assured that your basement waterproofing problem will never return, and your home will remain free from dampness for a long time to come.

Contact us today to find out more about our basement waterproofing services in Toronto, or to arrange a free consultation. Our highly trained basement waterproofing team has over 25 years experience in the waterproofing industry. We work with only the highest grade waterproofing materials to provide a lasting finish that will keep your home and basement dry for life. We apply effective solutions at an extremely competitive price.

Contact Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Toronto today, to arrange your free basement waterproofing consultation which leads to a free no-obligation quotation.

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