Basement Waterproofing Services vs. Epoxy Injection: Which Is Superior?

If you have standing water in your basement and are looking for a solution for leaks, epoxy injection and basement waterproofing services are two options offered by contractors. While epoxy injection works for minor cracks, extensive foundation damage often requires waterproofing to support your home and keep moisture out. The following guide explains the differences between these two techniques, so you can decide which approach is right for your home.

basement waterproofing services

Choosing Between Basement Waterproofing Services & Epoxy Injection 

Basement Waterproofing Services 

Homeowners with large cracks in their basement walls that leak often are likely experiencing excess hydrostatic pressure. This issue causes the flow of water to place too much force on your foundation. It can cause tiny cracks that get bigger over time and begin to leak water.

Installing a waterproof membrane on the surface of your basement wall, and adding a drain tile system to move water away from the foundation provide permanent solutions to this issue.

Epoxy Injection 

Epoxy injection is an alternative to basement waterproofing and can be used on minor foundation flaws. This will stop basement leaks temporarily and help prevent further damage. However, it will not withstand the effects of hydrostatic pressure on your home. It also will not fix moderate to extensive damage that causes standing water.

Epoxy injection does not remediate major problems long term. It can provide a quick fix until you schedule for a more permanent repair so you can fix the problem once and for all. Your local basement waterproofing contractor will determine the extent of your foundation problems and recommend the appropriate way to prevent water-related damage.

Basement waterproofing and epoxy injections both keep your home dry and structurally sound. To find out which solution is right for your home, contact Aquatech Waterproofing experts, call 416-300-2191 to schedule an appointment. To explore their water line repair and excavation services, visit their website.



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The basement is one of the areas in many homes that provide additional space that can be used to serve different purposes. Unlike in the past, basements are no longer viewed as dank, cold and dark spaces that are of no use. This is because they can be converted into integral areas and used as utility areas, gyms, living rooms, bedrooms and offices among others. When this is done, the value of the property is also increased. The problem however arises when you have to deal with basement leaks. Whether new or old, it is inevitable that at some point, your basement will be susceptible to leak and this can prove to be a major setback.


In order to ensure you effectively deal with the problems brought about by a wet basement, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration and ideally, these are as highlighted below:


  • Identify the cause of the Leak

Before you commence to address this problem or hire someone to look into it, it is important to use the cause of the basement leaks. There are several factors that contribute towards this such as having an underground stream, excess rainfall, burst water main, existence of water in the water table and climate change among others. As long as the structure of the building does not have the ability to withstand or resist any of these factors, it is likely you will have to content with a leaking basement.


Tips for Dealing with Leaking Basements

It is clear that you don’t need a faulty basement if you are to get the most out of it. It is precisely for this reason that it is advisable to consider the possibility of bringing in wet basement repair professionals who will help you address the problem fully. It should be easy for you to find such professionals but you need to exercise caution and ensure they have a solid reputation. There are also simple guidelines which if followed appropriately can help you address this problem. These are as highlighted below.


  • One of the most effective yet simplest ways of dealing with this problem is filtering out water and removing it from your home. This can be done in an easy, clean and efficient manner by ensuring that your drainage is working properly. Majority of homes have gutters which collect and get rid of water and it is essential to ensure they are in proper working order at all times.
  • If your gutters don’t have a drain, make sure that they have an ideal ground extension which ensures that water is drained away from your home.
  • The area that surrounds your home should be sloping upwards in order to ensure that water moves away from your foundation. Your home can be landscaped in a manner that ensures water flows from the home rather than creating puddles and pockets which result to flooding of basements.
  • Basement windows should not be obstructed by any bushes or items. This is because the basement is susceptible to humid temperatures and this can cause mold growth.


Basement leaks are a major headache for majority of homeowners but with these simple tips, it is easy to address the issue effectively.