Your basement is more than just a place to stow the miscellaneous items you’d rather keep hidden. It’s also the base for the rest of your building. This reality alone would be enough to explain basement waterproofing, but there are other ways in which this small measure will secure your home.

Investing in proper Exterior Waterproofing Services Interior Waterproofing Services is one way to avoid the adverse effects of humidity. Roof leakage solutions, terrace waterproofing, basement waterproofing, drain building, and so on are all included. It is essential to find out waterproofing contractors who can advise you on your home’s best type of waterproofing.

Cementitious waterproofing, bitumen coating, sheet membranes, polyurethane liquid membranes, and other waterproofing techniques are available. Continue reading to learn about the various reasons why you should waterproof your house.

Reasons you should waterproof your basement:

  • Protection from Flooding:

In a country like Canada, where the Monsoon season is irregular, there is always the risk of your home flood due to heavy rain. You will protect your home from water damage and additional expenses incurred in fixing the damage if you have a waterproofing solution in places, such as an operational drainage system or a water-resistant sealant.

  • Property Damage Prevention:

Moisture can cause spalling and acid damage in addition to water damage. When the concrete on the surface begins to crack and break apart, this is known as spalling. Aquatech basement waterproofing could indicate a critical need for waterproofing.


The formation of brown or rust-coloured stains and markings on the floor or walls, on the other hand, is acid damage. When water forces through a wall or floor, and the minerals are left behind, this happens. Improved humidity can also lead to the rotting of wooden structural components. It can result in sagging floors or walls that collapse. Moreover, waterproofing the area around your house, i.e. where the walls and floors meet, decreases the possibility of shifting and prevents foundation cracks

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  • Structural Stability Improvement:

Even a tiny amount of moisture can cause long-term damage to your home. It can lead to the formation of faults in the floor and walls, weakening them and causing rotting. The basement may harm by excessive moisture created by hydrostatic pressure or upward pressure of groundwater if it is not waterproof. It can compromise the foundation’s sturdiness, causing severe damage.


  • Reduces Overall Moisture:

Simply having moisture in the air will make your house feel warmer in the summer, affect paper items, speed up the melting of metal items, and ruin your valuable items. Since liquid water spreads upwards on convection, waterproofing the base of your house is necessary to avoid increased humidity.


  • Helps in the prevention of health problems:

Mould can begin to develop within 24-48 hours of water entering a house if it is not correctly waterproofed. Mould and mildew grow in the warm, humid atmosphere of a basement.

Mould and mildew infect indoor air and cause respiratory infections, skin irritation, asthma, eye infections, coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulties. Dust mites have also been observed to survive in humid environments. These cause allergies and other diseases. Other insects and rodents are likely to thrive in wet weather.


  • Increases the value of your home:

Waterproofing your home is an investment that will help in the long run. Exteriors and interiors that waterproof add value to your home by making renovation and furnishing simpler. It provides additional cover, lowering potential maintenance costs. All of this makes the house far more appealing to a potential buyer. Also, basement waterproofing issues have been shown to reduce the value of a home by about 20%.


  • Electricity bills decrease:

The temperature in the basement would increase during the summer. The cost of cooling this hot air is higher. In the winter, though, cracks in the foundation and walls will enable cold air in given your best attempts to keep the house warm. It can be avoided by ensuring that your basement has proper waterproofing systems in place. In reality, waterproofing your home will save you 10-15% on your annual energy bill.


  • Reduction in cost of insurance claim:

Foundation cracks, flooding damage, and rotted wooden beams are examples of water damage caused by faulty waterproofing. These account for about 20% of all insurance claims, making them a sizable bulk of change. In the long run, a small investment in basement waterproofing services will avoid these losses and ensure that homeowners don’t have to spend too much money on insurance claims.


Wrapping Up:

Water not only damages the structure but also puts people’s health at risk. Now that you understand why your home needs waterproofing, you may begin searching for waterproofing service providers in your city. Make sure you hire the best basement waterproofing Toronto for the weather and the state of your house.


Basement Waterproofing Services vs. Epoxy Injection: Which Is Superior?

If you have standing water in your basement and are looking for a solution for leaks, epoxy injection and basement waterproofing services are two options offered by contractors. While epoxy injection works for minor cracks, extensive foundation damage often requires waterproofing to support your home and keep moisture out. The following guide explains the differences between these two techniques, so you can decide which approach is right for your home.

basement waterproofing services

Choosing Between Basement Waterproofing Services & Epoxy Injection 

Basement Waterproofing Services 

Homeowners with large cracks in their basement walls that leak often are likely experiencing excess hydrostatic pressure. This issue causes the flow of water to place too much force on your foundation. It can cause tiny cracks that get bigger over time and begin to leak water.

Installing a waterproof membrane on the surface of your basement wall, and adding a drain tile system to move water away from the foundation provide permanent solutions to this issue.

Epoxy Injection 

Epoxy injection is an alternative to basement waterproofing and can be used on minor foundation flaws. This will stop basement leaks temporarily and help prevent further damage. However, it will not withstand the effects of hydrostatic pressure on your home. It also will not fix moderate to extensive damage that causes standing water.

Epoxy injection does not remediate major problems long term. It can provide a quick fix until you schedule for a more permanent repair so you can fix the problem once and for all. Your local basement waterproofing contractor will determine the extent of your foundation problems and recommend the appropriate way to prevent water-related damage.

Basement waterproofing and epoxy injections both keep your home dry and structurally sound. To find out which solution is right for your home, contact Aquatech Waterproofing experts, call 416-300-2191 to schedule an appointment. To explore their water line repair and excavation services, visit their website.



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