Why You Need Basement Underpinning

Why You Need Basement Underpinning

When thinking about basements, not many think about the possibility of dramatically altering its appearance. In general, basements seem so sturdy that the idea of fundamentally changing it isn’t easy to swallow. This is particularly the case if the basement in question is a cement one – those thick walls and floor can seem practically impenetrable. The truth is that there are many reasons why you might need some significant work on your basement. Thankfully it’s possible to do so without rebuilding your entire house.

One method is known as basement underpinning, and it is an excellent, thorough solution for some issues you might be encountering.

Why You Need Basement Underpinning Toronto

There are a few reasons why you might one decide to undergo the process of basement underpinning Toronto. One of the most common is the desire to “finish” your basement. Which often involves covering up the basement walls and floors with drywall and original flooring to turn the basement into livable space. Sometimes, however, we find that the ceiling of the basement in question is simply too low to be used efficiently without hitting our heads all of the time. In this instance, we need to dig out the floor to help increase the height of the ceiling.

Basement underpinning is not an easy process, however, because basements are very important to the foundation of our home. Depending on the basement, it might not be possible just to dig down and remove large sections of the existing floor. Doing so can be dangerous as it compromises the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

That’s why you turn to basement underpinning Toronto.

What is basement underpinning?

Why You Need Basement Underpinning Toronto

Basement underpinning is a term used in the industry to refer to the processes of either reinforcing your basement foundation or lowering it. Consider that basement lowering is quite involved, and if done incorrectly it can damage the foundation.

We recommend that the inexperienced not try this particular project.

Basement underpinning occurs when there’s an excavation so that you can place a load bearing joist underneath it. Once secured, it’s possible to lower the basement floor to complete the reinforcing, repairing, or “ceiling heightening” process.

Remember, basement underpinning is not for the uninitiated! Call a professional to help you underpin your basement, and add value to your home in the process!